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  1. per shader emission AOVs

    Thanks for your answer! But that gives me just the emission color of the emissive objects - and of all emissive objects in 1 AOV, right? I'd like to have the emissive contribution to the scene from each emission source in a separate AOV.
  2. Hi! I am totally new to Houdini and just starting to get the hang of it - and I am stuck on one problem. I have different objects each with a different emission shader applied. Is it possible to create a custom emission aov for each shader? Meaning I'd like to have the emissive direct AND indirect contribution of each shader on all objects - basically a light aov, just for emissive shader. Using Houdini 16.5 and Mantra. I'd probably would need to use LPE which is not included in Houdini 16.5 yet if I am not mistaken. Thanks for your help! Cheers tr3c00l