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  1. Yo magicians ! It's my first time using Houdini Engine, and I tested to animated the parameters of my asset, found out that it's impossible to keyframe it. I can change the values, but I can't keyframe the changes. Is there something i'm missing right there? Thanks all !
  2. Rigging a book

    I was interested to see the different methods.. Too bad the two first link are dead :/ Anyone can help in this?
  3. Fire embers

    Hello magicians, I was asking my self what can be the best way to do realistic embers (having a hard glowing yellow point, followed by a less glowing red trail)? I tried using only motion blur, it gives a nice result, but it's hard to control the embers length, and also the shading. The other way is to use a trail node with an add node, this makes me able to have more control on the length, but I still find it difficult to shade it well. Any of you could have a better ideas?? Thank you !
  4. I think the solution is to have the velocity taken from the particles sim, and then convert my debris geo to an RBD objects? I can"t find any clear tutorial to do that, but i"ll try to mess around
  5. (Sorry for the late answering, I wasn"t able to respond earlier) I did a hip file illustrating my setup. The sim is done separately, then the geos are copied to it. And this makes me enable to control the mass in the sim. I think there"s a much better way to deal with that, but I can't find it Thank you again ! particle_mass_problm.hip
  6. This seems to be the right way ! I'm testing it, thank you so much ! I'm actually struggling to make this work in my setup, since my debris are in a different Geo node, and the sim is shaped independently with a custom velocity.
  7. I ended up duplicating the particale sim, changing parameters for each one (high velocity, few particles for the big debris and vice versa). Seems to work, but it's just like hiding the problem, since the big debris doesn't have the same size, but still fall at the same speed
  8. Hello guys, I"m trying to do an explosion of debris, I started by doing the particles simulations, then added an attribute randomize for the pscale, then I did a copy into the particles with a debris geo I made. The problem is that everything is falling at the same speed, big debris, and the very small ones. Is there a way to fix that? Thank you !!!
  9. Bullet Impacts

    Any update to this? Would be awesome !
  10. Hello guys, I have two spheres, each one is inside a different geo node, and I would like to link their positions, so if I change the position of one of them, this will affect the other one. (I don't want to use an object merge) Thank you guys !!! Found it, I copied the parameters of my sphere, and paste referenced it in the other one
  11. Painting impact

    Hello guys, I would like to know how you would do to catch data from particles that would hit a wall, and then use that data to feed a paint node? (I just started using Houdini since 2 days ago, so I'm a newbie2) Thank you in advance !!!