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    let me know if you need any help

    Hi not sure if you still care about this but I fixed your code float fractal(int iterations; float power; float bailout; vector pos){ float r = 0.0; float dr = 0.0; vector z = pos; for (int i = 0; i < iterations ; i++) { r = length(z); if (r>bailout) break; // convert to polar coordinates float theta = acos(z.z/r); float phi = atan2(z.y,z.x); dr = pow( r, power-1.0)*power*dr + 1.0; // scale and rotate the point float zr = pow( r,power); theta = theta*power; phi = phi*power; // convert back to cartesian coordinates z = zr*set(sin(theta)*cos(phi), sin(phi)*sin(theta), cos(theta)); z+=pos; } return 0.5*log(r)*r/dr; } int iterations = 5; float power = 5.0; float bailout = 20.0; vector pos = @P; float map = 0.0; map = fractal(iterations, power, bailout, pos); @surface = map;
  3. OpenGL, Vulkan, and Metal

    What a great write up Mark, that gives me hope that OpenGL will be around for more years since Vulkan is pretty hard to learn to be honest, not been an expert on graphics makes you think that Vulkan is what you should be using, but as you say, is not for everything. Thanks again for this and I’ll pick up with my OpenGL book, lots to learn.
  4. lazy waaay???? that’s a pro tip hehe, even opengl does that to give you nice looking lines sometimes
  5. Renderman For Houdini Quick Start Guide

    Thank you Alex
  6. Hey Guys I created a simple Quick start video so everyone can get started with Renderman for Houdini hope you like it Thank you
  7. LearnDay - Houdini Modeling LearnDay a webinar series EVERY WEDNESDAY at 4 pm Mountain Time (GMT-7) with different topics, you can as ANY question and I'll help you live. Today's topic will be Modeling in Houdini. Houdini has had an amazing amount of new improvements on the modelling tools and we'll take a look at them. PLEASE ASK ANY QUESTIONS ANY TIME, this webinar is FOR YOU. CLICK HERE to view the WEBINAR Please subscribe to the channel to never missed a webinar, trix and tutorials. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC65D7DvzyyGEqIJVxK-XhDg?sub_confirmation=1 Visit www.mixtrn.com if you have any question and/or want to learn more topics. Thank you
  8. Helix Along Curve

    Thank you I will check it out, I ended up doing something similar with the example given above, added a ramp to control the radius along the curve as well thanks again
  9. Helix Along Curve

    Thank you this is amazing
  10. cmiVFX Houdini Ink FX

    yes, I'm advecting particle points
  11. cmiVFX Houdini Ink FX

    Hi Guys I just did a new training tutorial, this time on doing and ink in water effect, looks really cool and there's a bunch of great info there hope you like it Thank you cmiVFX Releases Brand New Houdini INK FX Ultra Class Video The Leaders In High End Video Training For The Visual Effects Industry Princeton, NJ (July 7th, 2014) New for this season, cmiVFX brings you a brand new and improved Houdini INK FX system. The Ink In Water effect is a classic amongst artists and scientists alike. Usually, the definition of Ink In Water is pretty self explanatory, however this time we will show you the easiest way for Houdini to tackle this effect. The truth, as we like to call a well done effect, is something that each person can master on their own personal style, yet Houdini can assist with this uniqueness due to the amount of data it can handle. Come see how awesome the power of Houdini really is while finally learning a very popular, and commercially viable effect shot. Short Description Houdini is no stranger to rendering large amounts of geometry, there for, the ink in water effect that we are going to develop will yield about about 27 million particles without skipping a beat. Naturally, Houdini can handle even more and you will learn how to deal with such large amounts of geometry even if you do not have the best computer resources at your disposal. Vimeo Teaser Trailer https://vimeo.com/100064068/ ||||||||| Houdini INK FX ||||||||| https://cmivfx.com/store/603-Houdini+INK+FX
  12. Hi Guys, cmivfx.com just released my latest training, I know this would be very useful, the content is amazing, I'm very proud of what I did, hope you guys like it. Thank you https://vimeo.com/97522457 cmivfx.com/store/597-Houdini+Python+Character+Picker cmiVFX brings you a brand new and improved Houdini Python Character Picker using PySide, this series will bring to you the tools to tackle everything you need to know to take advantage of the amazing Qt Framework + Houdini Combo, by using the Qt Python binding PySide, you can do everything your artist can imagine. Every studio in the work requires to develop custom tools to serve project, which makes repetitive, complex tasks easier and more productive, also helps you extend the standard tools and having a great interface for it that can be made really quick and looks just like any other tool in Houdini thanks to the great python integration. So this is not just a simple tutorial, this is career building information. Short Description Get ready to polish your custom tool chops, here you’ll learn everything you need to know to take advantage of the amazing Qt Framework, that will interface throw the incredible and open source PySide Python bindings. You’ll learn how to work as you’re used to work in python and take full advantage without any restriction to both Houdini and the Qt Framework, there’s is no limit of what you can achieve and the most important part is, your animators are going to be so happy and they will work more, so let’s dive in and start creating amazing tools and making artist happy.
  13. CMI hip tricks 4 erosion

    inside the if-then block your're passing the point normals, you need to change that to point NUMBERS see your email for details cheers!!
  14. CMI hip tricks 4 erosion

    Hi David I had 2 things wrong in that scene the while VOP needed to be set as True==0 and in the vopsop1 I needed to change the point cloud texture to use the second input op:`opinputpath(".", 1)` if you need more help you can mail me directly at varomix@cmivfx.com thank you
  15. Another one from varomix and cmiVFX hope you guys enjoy it!! cmiVFX Releases New Highly Requested Training Video For Houdini Camera Projection Techniques High Definition Training Videos for the Visual Effects Industry Princeton, NJ (April 25th, 2012) – A voice in the dark background emanates a whisper by saying softly, "They say it couldn't be done….." BAMM! Another HOT one for HOUDINI by …. wait for it…… CMIVFX! Where you really expecting something else? Of course not…. but enough of the chatter, let's get down to Earth and talk about what we have for you today. One of the most efficient ways to get complex looking CG is rarely CG at all. The use of projections are used in all aspects of the Visual Effects industry. Whether its taking 2D and turning it into Stereoscopic, or simply using multiple camera projections for modeling a detailed point cloud for analysis and measurement calculations in a digital set, the world has found that using photographic camera projections are the best way to get complex looking realism into a shot with the least amount of effort. The amount of detail that goes ! into camera projection modeling is up to the end users requirements for a shot. In some cases, highly detailed geometry can be created using several images so that simulations can be calculated on the resulting geometry's surface. In this brand new video from cmiVFX, you will learn from scratch, how to start using camera projections in Houdini to better enrich your projects today. Now with version 12 of Houdini, the ability to utilize the openGL view for super fast rendering of projection building has never been as useful as it is today. Find out how to make the best of projections today with our in-house Houdini Genius, VAROMIX. By the end of this ride, you will be building yourself a new and improved demo reel section in a jiffy!! Short Description Take advantage of the new Houdini Software by learning how to do Camera Projection Modeling with photographs and digital matte paintings. Here at cmiVFX we maintain a current training library for the latest versions of popular software titles. When it comes to high end CG and VFX training, there is only once choice... cmiVFX! Don’t forget about the cmiSubscription plan! Get one today. cmiVFX launched the most affordable subscription plan in Visual FX Training History for only $399 USD, and if you were a subscriber, this New Training Release would already be in your account. This video is also available a-la-cart in our brand new HTML5 player system. |||||||||||||||||||||| Houdini Camera Projection Techniques |||||||||||||||||||||| http://www.cmivfx.co...tion+Techniques Chapter Descriptions Project One - Champagne Shaking Table If you're anything like us, we didn't know what a Champagne Shaking Table was either, so naturally we had to turn that into a project. In this particular project, we’ll start simple, very, very simple. Key concepts in this part of the video will be setting the camera to the correct resolution and focal length which allows us to end up with a simple but complete scene that has all the basic properties one might expect. Project Two - Japanese Park Now we get into a more complex scene with multiple planes in 3D space. In a production environment, its actually called a Multi-Plane project, so terminology can stay consistent to what you might expect. What makes it qualified to carry the name, you will see how the photo preparation was made, and the cleaning up of the layers so that you can maintain parallax throughout an animation. The main goal here is to showcase the functionality of the process so you can better follow along with more detailed concepts in the third project. Project Three - Machu Picchu Timing is always everything in this business, from literal key framing to getting as lucky to have Chris Maynard already be in the middle of a High Resolution Matte Painting Restoration project that he donated for the final project. This project was not 100% complete when we gained access to the materials, but it demonstrates a killer view on creating and painting restoration of layers in photoshop. This master image originally had hundreds of people all around it, blocking key elements that need to be modeled. Fortunately, Chris had already painted out all the people and extracted all the layers including the clouds to maintain a healthy believable high resolution simulated camera movement through z space. Varomix then brings it to life using Houdini's power procedural tools by modeling complex surfaces and simple one alike. If that isn't quite enough for you, Varomix busts out some volumetric clouds to replace the hand painted 2d layered ones tha! t Chris was using. Now even you can work with us by adding your own final touches to the masterpiece. We urge you to follow along and create an even higher detailed scene with all the tricks you have been learning at the cmiVFX website, and send us the samples! The best student samples will be posted on the website in a few months time! Bonus Chapter: Simple Python Script To Replace Paths We finish with a bonus chapter, in this portion of the video, we create a simple but very useful python script that helps us replace absolute paths from our shader to relative paths. This makes for a more solid .hip file that can be opened in any OS on the network or even be shared around the world with other artists. Final Words As always we hope that you find this title useful, Varomix had a blast doing this and as always we are taking any questions/comments/suggestions. About The Artists Alvaro Castañeda, best known as "varomix" is a CG Generalist TD. He lost a little of his self back in 1993 at a Jurassic Park screening, and that totally changed his life. Toy Story finished the job in 1995 - there was no turning back!. He started his way in 3D back in 1998, first using 3ds Max, then Cinema4D and finally in 1999 I met Maya 2.0. Since then I've done CGI for print, web, TV, Film, DVD, I guess anything that has pixels in it!. He started using Houdini in 2002 shortly after Side Effects launched the Houdini Apprentice Program. He had also done on-set VFX Supervision and DOP Assisting. Varomix is also assisting in the future development of the cmiVFX website and features there in. Chris Maynard, best known as the owner of cmiVFX contributed the Machu Picchu matte painting in layers to be used by any and all customers of cmiVFX for self promotion or practice. Chris is a ten time, New Media Award winning designer for Multi-Media based User-Interface Designs, and has been and integral part of the development of dozens of third party graphics applications for the Computer Graphics and Visual Effects industry. There is a 99.9% chance that you are using or have used at least on other part of one of his creations outside of the cmiVFX website. You will see a lot more from both artists in the near future. Project Contents All cmiVFX videos come with all the training materials you can need right from our website. No matter what time of day, your location, or how your feeling, cmiVFX will be there waiting for you! This video is available today at the cmiVFX Store: http://store.cmivfx.com/ About cmiVFX cmiVFX is the leader in High Definition Video Training for the Visual Effects Community. Register for FREE and receive hours of FREE content at the cmiVFX Video-on-Demand Player. ( http://store.cmivfx.com/login ) For additional information about cmiVFX, visit http://www.cmivfx.com. © 2012 cmiVFX | cmiStudios. All rights reserved.