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  1. Hi, I figured command line caching and it is now caching on remote machine but simulation does not seem to be using all the cores but I can see about as many threads as cores available. Anything I can to do make it use all cores ?
  2. Hello everyone, I am new here, looking for a little bit of a guidance. Hitting play button with "fliptank" inside of the scene is triggering simulating process. How to run this process from command line ? Is it possible ? Houdini is using HBatch to process caches in background but which scripts is it running ? How to cache whole simulation in the background (from command line) ? ..Ideally without HQueue. I Can code in variety of languages for DCC applications like Maya, 3dsmax and so on thus code samples or doc links can be very helpful. Using: Houdini 16.5 on Windows. Thank you.