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  1. Motion Retargeting Tool

    hey @gui, thanks for responding so fast. I was just google-ing retargeting within Houdini and found your thread, because i am just getting my feet wet with animation within Houdini. I have a long animation in C4D which i export either as alembic or fbx and import it into houdini. I place a character I rigged in Houdini into the scene and basically want to retarget that animation to that character. To be honest I don't even where to start with building up the network and asking you to go over the scene file would be very time-consuming for you I suppose. Maybe you have some tips where I can find some documentation on that, my search came up with nothing. And thanks a lot for your offer to help, appreciate it.
  2. Motion Retargeting Tool

    Hey, it's been a few months and I was wondering if you will ever release some instructions on retargeting within HD? Your tool looks awesome and is exactly what I need to achieve. Cheers, George