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  1. Hi guys,I ran into a problem after i installed RenderMan23 for Houdini18,click the IPR button on the shelf have no any reaction,is it a bug?
  2. Hair with soft body sim

    do you get correct answer?
  3. i am new to vellum sim, In houdini17.5, i used a vellum configure strut softbody node after a rubberToy model. i only increased the both bend stiffness in cloth and stretch stiffness in struts to 10000, increased the substep to 10, and i got this result below.it feels no weight and friction.look like a balloon. my test on vimeo i want the rubberToy has the similar result as in this master class below , can i use vellum to get it ?what is the key parameter i need adjust? master class on youtube thanks please help