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  1. Linux on intel i7 8700k

    Of course you can.
  2. Houdini 16 and Nvidia drivers on linux

    I am running it with 378 on Ubuntu KDE Neon and it works fine. What was you issue?
  3. Mantra vs Redshift

    Main advantage is speed. Redshit is GPU render.
  4. Linux UI problems

    I am also using it with Linux for years without problems, and I think it works best with Linux. How did you install it, maybe some permission problems? Can you start it with terminal and let us know are there some error messages spit by H?
  5. Yeah I think so as it works for me, same build, Nvidia on Win 10.
  6. Aerial shot

    2 days.
  7. Aerial shot

    One more archviz? shot. Everything done in Houdini, there is no chance I could do this in any other app with deadline I had
  8. Dual booting

    Just choose hard drive you want to install to and let Linux installer decide about details.
  9. Installing RedShift?

    Here is documentation about it also. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Tdh7MyeebbgVuy7Xktf01G2i1pAnShmXWnfGAnHeU4E/edit
  10. Best render farm for indie artists

    I think that GM is best at the moment.
  11. mantra -H network rendering

    How did you setup sharing? Using NFS shares or drive mapping? What OS? You can find some info here link
  12. Glassworks London freelancer position

    Yes would like to know that too. Visa thing is killing me ....
  13. Helix Along Curve

    May I suggest different approach. helix_curve.hipnc
  14. Loop Noise Seamlessly?

    Maybe CHOPs can help here?