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  1. Linux on intel i7 8700k

    Of course you can.
  2. Houdini 16 and Nvidia drivers on linux

    I am running it with 378 on Ubuntu KDE Neon and it works fine. What was you issue?
  3. Mantra vs Redshift

    Main advantage is speed. Redshit is GPU render.
  4. Linux UI problems

    I am also using it with Linux for years without problems, and I think it works best with Linux. How did you install it, maybe some permission problems? Can you start it with terminal and let us know are there some error messages spit by H?
  5. Yeah I think so as it works for me, same build, Nvidia on Win 10.
  6. Aerial shot

    One more archviz? shot. Everything done in Houdini, there is no chance I could do this in any other app with deadline I had
  7. Aerial shot

    2 days.
  8. Dual booting

    Just choose hard drive you want to install to and let Linux installer decide about details.
  9. Installing RedShift?

    Here is documentation about it also. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Tdh7MyeebbgVuy7Xktf01G2i1pAnShmXWnfGAnHeU4E/edit
  10. Best render farm for indie artists

    I think that GM is best at the moment.
  11. mantra -H network rendering

    How did you setup sharing? Using NFS shares or drive mapping? What OS? You can find some info here link
  12. Glassworks London freelancer position

    Yes would like to know that too. Visa thing is killing me ....
  13. Helix Along Curve

    May I suggest different approach. helix_curve.hipnc
  14. Loop Noise Seamlessly?

    Maybe CHOPs can help here?
  15. Modeling Operation Questions

    I am sure it will, your nodes shows that you skipped some basics, and there is not point explaining without you go through fundamentals.
  16. Modeling Operation Questions

    Did you go through First Step series at SideFx website?
  17. Well that is trade between realism and fast renders. Also depends what you do, for motion grapichs you probably do not need GI you can do most just with AO. But for product vis and archviz that level of quality can not be sold any more, clients are more demanding GPU there helps getting faster renders but they do not offer so much features as Mantra do, and still need to take care about RAM. So it is always some kind of trade. I prefer renders like Arnold and Mantra, find acceptable level of noise and that is only thing you need to take care of. I do animations too, usually clients consult previz for animation flow and static images for render quality. Or just low res noisier images. And GridMarkets is for finals, I really do not plan to purchase any more machines if I can use GridMarkets or Amazon directly, it is cheaper. And having 2-3 revisions of 2000 frames, HD format, that is really crazy task
  18. I am doing a lot realistic images with Houdini. For product viz I am using it almost exclusively, sometimes I drop Blender into soup. It is slower than Cycle GPU but not CPU. Also I am getting similar speed as with Arnold and same quality. So I do not see Mantra not being able to produce realistic images, and I am not finding it being slow. And also I do recommend GridMarkets too! Some of older work I did with Houdini and Mantra, also modeled in Houdini:
  19. The best combo for Houdini

    If you need modelling buddy to Houdini and want to be commercial product, I would go with MODO. MODO modelling and UV tools are better than Maya. plus it is 3x cheaper.
  20. Instancing multiple geometry

    How did you setup instancing? Easiest way is to use same shape several times instead of just once.
  21. If it is still image you do not have any limitations. Maybe you did not install correctly license, maybe it is using Apprentice?
  22. Best approach to Object ID Pass

    Op-Id gives you different colour but not what you expect Those are levels of white, from 0-255, I think. Render image and inspect it you will see different values.

    Will just put this here .... Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former.
  24. preview the vex shader in viewport

    They do not show procedural checker in viewport, but texture that is applied with ColorMap. gBWCheck.rat