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  1. Linux and Itanium2

    Hi all, I'm planning to buy a new HP workstation zx6000 dual itanium 900Mhz, I ask you if I need to install a specific linux distro or I can put my beloved Slack (9.0) without problem ? HP want to send me a preconfigured machine with "RedHat Advanced Workstation". But I want to know if there's a possiblity to stay away from the "red cap" . Currently I've a mini cluster of 3 machines Athlon XP 2000 with Slack 9.0 and installed Houdini ,PRman 5.5 and Shake 3.0 and everything work fine. Cheers Enrico
  2. Linux and Itanium2

    Assuming you have a basilar network knowledge and a network of two or more PC, all you have to do is install the PVM libs on the server node . You'll find the libs and detailed book on-line from MIT press in which you'll find out how to configure your nodes. http://www.netlib.org/pvm3/index.html P.S. One advice is to buid an homogenous system. I mean a system with 10 P III 12 AMD 1800 can perform worst than a system with 4 identical XP-2000. So forget to refurbish some old PC thinking to get a supercomputing machine at bargaine. Cheers
  3. Linux and Itanium2

    Yes, I know. But the benchmarks on povray really impressed me. If you look at the perfotmance of Itanium 2 (single processor) copared to the parallel >2 cpus you can get an idea of this amazing cpu. http://www.haveland.com/index.htm?povbench/index.php
  4. AVI's on Linux

    There are many options you can try: 1--Render out .jpg or .tiff images. Compile the program kjpeg2av, load the sequence and you'll get a ready to use avi file. This is the simpler choice. You have no possibility to load audio and merge it. 2-- You can use Cinelerra for loading the sequences of images (.jpeg or .tiff). Remember to use the option : "Paste at insertion point" in pull down menu of the open file window. With this great app you can add audio track (.mp3, .ogg, .wave), applying audio-video effects and finally render out as mpeg-1-2 (no audio) or MSFT Avi (with audio) or quicktime 3--Command line tools. I prefer mjpegtools. You can convert a sequence of .jpg or .tiff to .yuv and .m1v or m2v. It's a little bit complicated but with this tools you can merge audio file modified from Halo or Shake and obtain an SVCD or DVD file ready to burn on your CD or DVD. Cheers
  5. Halo crashes

    Hi everybody, When I try to zoom the time-line in Halo with middle-mouse button I get Halo crashes. Does anybody has this problem? I'm running Houdini 5.5 on Slack 9.0 Bye Enrico
  6. Gentoo 1.4

    Again the "myth" of gentoo has entered even this forum. Just few things you guys should know: 1- Rendering time is all CPU dependent. I mean you can compile from source what ever you want but you'll always get the same rendering time when confronting with the same machine with prebuilted binaries (Kernel,XFree,KDE ...). Those benchmarks are just bull.... 2- The only things that could really speed up everything is to obtain the code from SideFX . OK I was just dreaming (can you imagine if you can use the sources of programs like Maya, XSI, and of course Houdini!!). 3- Coming back to Gentoo, I think you can get a faster boot of machine and XFree, faster moving and opening of windows...., yes ridicolous things. Bye Enrik
  7. For everybody who spent thousands $ for buying a "professional graphic card" (Quadro, Fire GL ...) just take a look at this site www.nworld.ru Bye P.S. You've to use a text based browser (Links, Lynks) for this web site.
  8. Not about Graka but about CPUs!

    Well, it depends on what you've to do. If you do 3d just in the free time (hobby ) Celeron or Duron (900Mhz or 1 Ghz) is really enough ,but you need one good card like geforce 3-4 --DON'T BUY QUADRO OR FIRE GL (see the previous thread)--. If you do broadcast quality animation or compositing I think you need to make one cpu-farm.
  9. Somebody knows where can I find those 2 cdroms for the apprentice edition ? --I don't want to download tons of files . Bye Enrico
  10. Video card

    Hy everybody, I'd like to buy a new video card (ati gl 8800) but I'm not sure if this card works well with houdini 5.5. Someone can give me some advice?