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  1. Thanks for helping out, Atom! I have the expression set both in Impulse and Const. Activation for testing; however, frame 15 and 25 would both get ignored for some reason. The expression does make sense to me, to activate at those 3 frames and deactivate at the rest. Perhaps particle simulation can't be controlled like what I wanted? I have a simple scene attached with the expression. I want to emit 1 particle at frame 10 and another 1 particle at frame 15, and another one at frame 25. Or in this case, how would you approach it? Question_emitParticleAtFrame.hiplc
  2. I have positions of bullet holes on a wall geo that I want to add RBD fracture. What I want to achieve is to create a bullet hole per particle hit at frame 10 and another particle hit at frame 15, and another one at frame 25, for example. I learned how to set emission on/off between frames but I can't figure out how to control "when" to emit that one. Animate a small sphere might be more directable but I wonder if there is way to do it with particles. Thanks for your help!
  3. Thanks for the hint, Atom!!! However, I can't find the Fire Intensity Scale nor the Look tab in pyrosolver..... I should have mentioned that it's a pyrosolver (sparse) that's being used in the network but I checked both and couldn't find it yet. Or would that be a case that it's in 18.5? I will update and take a look.
  4. I am playing with the Spreading Fire shelf tool and I can't figure out how to animate fire to start burning from nothing. I tried to animate Temperature (Attribute Wrangle) but ends up returning no burn and no fire at all. Then I set Start Frame at the latter frame, which does delay, but the fire would pop up burning. Lastly, I tried animating the Initial Fuel, and Ignition Temperature (Pyro Source Spread) and still with no luck so far. Anything I might overlook?
  5. Learning from other threads, I know how to save .sim files; however, how to use them for resuming simulation seems to be varied so I would need help to confirm my steps: 1) on dopnet node, set Initial State path from saved checkpoint NAME.cache.100.sim files 2) on dopnet node, to resume simulation for the next set of frames, I set the Start Frame 101 3) with a filecache node below, I set my Start/End/Inc as 101 to 200 4) click Save to Disk to start simulation/caching Now, I got a problem, my sequence was labeled with $F4 but geo.`$F4+100`.bgeo.sc seems to be not working, which always returns 101, instead.... I wonder if there is a workaround. Reference: https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/30619/?page=1#post-233984