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  1. Exporting Houdini UV's --> maya

    I guess get uv's into Maya is what I'm asking about. I've saved some simple models as .obj, but there are no uv's on them when I open them up in Maya. Thanks for the reply.
  2. I built a stone lantern in Houdini that I want to export into maya and texture using hypershade. I built the model ok and right clicked on the last node and did a save geometry and made it a .obj. I imported it into maya no prob, except there are no UVs that I can see when looking at the UV texture editor. Can someone tell me what settings I need or point me to a link that has any info on what I'm trying to do? Much appreciated
  3. Noob Question

    I'm making a tunnel with panels that I want to slightly rotate to focus on a floating object as it passes by. I've already constructed the tunnel in a way that I think will work, but I'm stuck on how to get each panel to focus on a specific object. I tried using a primitive sop to get the panels to look at a Null object, but I think it's telling each primitive in the panel to look. I've included my .hip file (v 8.2) with a simple example of the principle and the tube I built that I want the same principle to work on. Thanks for the help tube_01.3.hip
  4. I am working with this tutorial that I found on cmivfx a while back about breaking up geometry non uniformly. Anyway, I'm wanting to do some experimenting with it and I am trying to make 3 groups of random points that are contained within the 3 different color regions of my grid. I've attached the .hip file (houdini 8.2) so you can download it and take a look since I know nothing I'm saying makes any sense. If anyone could offer any suggestions, or if you need some clarification as to what I'm talking about, please post. Thanks rapture_4.hip
  5. Hey, I was wondering if there is an esay way to write a shader in Hypershade in Maya, then export that and apply it to a model/particle sim in houdini. I see a lot of topics on exporting animations and models, but none on shaders.