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  1. Hi there, I also tried converting those particles into a volume and the mesh back but the results were not that great So the best so far I have is "vdbfromparticles" and then applying some smoothing and also increased the particle radius (basically playing a bit with the settings), this is giving me a much more cleaner result. Thanks
  2. Hi there! I have this melting setup with a POP solver, basically scattering some points onto the original mesh and then melting then and meshing back everything again using "particlefluidsurface". So I have been trying to get rid of this flickering on the mesh, I have over 500k points and I also tried increasing the samples and playing with the particle separation in the "particlefluidsurface" I also tried using "vdbfromparticles" but its more or less the same result. I want to know if there is anything I can do to help reduce the flickering? Any help on this is much appreciated Thanks in advance untitled10.mp4
  3. Hi Eyeracker Wow thanks for this it helps a lot, I can see you improved the file a lot with all that you mentioned above, and yes this sims a lot quicker now and the voxels are almost not there anymore. and thanks for the explanation, everything makes more sense to me now, Just curious which version of Houdini are you using? for the missing 'attribnoise' thing you mentioned. Thanks, everyone for your quick help on this, you are the best!
  4. Hi again, Having a deeper look at my setup, I forgot that I created a "Gas Field Wrangler" connected to the Pyro Sparse Solver with a high scale @density *= ch("scale"); Now I changed back to your recommendation Atom ,Thanks again. This now works a lot better, and also the sim runs a lot quicker And Also I don't see to see more voxels anymore, maybe it was the resolution issue with my viewport as you guys mentioned.
  5. Hi Eyeracker Turbine7.hip Also one of the things I found is that the scene is taking too long to sim everything. Hi Atom Thanks for your quick reply on this and all your great suggestions, I have a couple of volume wranglers but just for cropping out the volume in some places and split it in 2 so I can have a Temperature value using a name SOP after the VolumeWrangler #Currently what I have: float u = fit(@P.x, chf("min_x"), chf("max_x"), 0, 1); @density *= chramp("ramp_density", u); #This is what you mean ? float u = fit(@P.x, chf("min_x"), chf("max_x"), 0, 1); @density *= (chramp("ramp_density", u))/2; Or are you suggesting adding a new volume wrangler before all of this? I'm also adding more dissipation too. Hi ryew Thanks for this, I have changed it now.
  6. Hi everyone! I'm struggling to get rid of those sharp voxels in the sim. I have a pyro solver, and I have tried increasing a lot the res in the Volume Object, Volume Rasterize Attrib, Points from Volume, increasing substeps, also the collider has a very decent mesh and it's also subdivided. I also tried using the collision object as a proxy vdb, and also using it as a collision volume inside the pyro solver. It's been very frustrating. I also found other posts with the same question, but still without any luck after all I have tried. I know the collision object may be causing all of this voxelization, but I keep on increasing the res, and I'm still getting the same results. Any help on this will be much appreciated! Thanks untitled6.mp4
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