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  1. I have this setup that works for me: in my houdini.env inside Documents/houdini15.5/ I added this path: HOUDINI_PATH=C:/projects/MyProjects/deployHOU/;& While in the deployHOU I have this structure: -vex (folder) --> VEXdso -dso (folder)---> vex (folder)---> VEX_MyFunctions.dll and this is the VEXdso file in my deployHOU/vex folder #ifndef __HFS_VEXdso__ #define __HFS_VEXdso__ #if defined(WIN32) #define DSO_FILE(filename) filename.dll #elif defined(MBSD) #define DSO_FILE(filename) filename.dylib #else #define DSO_FILE(filename) filename.so #endif DSO_FILE(vex/VEX_MyFunctions) #undef DSO_FILE #include "$HFS/houdini/vex/VEXdso" #endif
  2. Never mind, I've just found the solution SHOP_ReData shaderData; SHOP_Node* nodeShop = OPgetDirector()->findSHOPNode("/shop/agentShader"); if (nodeShop) { UT_Options options; nodeShop->buildShaderData(shaderData, 0, &options, 0, 0, SHOP_SURFACE); const RE_MaterialPtr& shadMat = shaderData.getMaterial(); }
  3. Hi, it's some time that I'm trying to extract a RE_Material from a SHOP_Node in order to bind it to a custom glsl shader. I've seen so far that I can get the RE_Material from a SHOP_ReData object. In the SHOP_Nopde there is a method called buildShaderData(SHOP_ReData& data, fpreal now, UT_Options* options,...). I'm trying to use this function but I always get a null material from this. I tried with a null or empty UT_Options. I dind't find anything on the documentation. Does someone know how use this method? Cheers Alan
  4. Hello, I'm quite new to HDK so apologies if this is a stupd question. I'm writing a new SIM_Solver with same custom SIM_Data. There is no geometry data involved but only custom data. When I simulate for the first time my scene, the solver is called correctly at each frame and it starts to cache te result in memory. And here I get lost. I can't find which method it uses the cache the data in memory. All the examples in the devkit are using geometry data so I think houdini caches the geoemtry in memory. But with my custom data what I need to do to cache it in memory? Thank you Alan This is the declaration of my sim data: class SIM_AgentGroup : public SIM_Data, public SIM_OptionsUser { public: AtomsPtr<Atoms::AgentGroup>& agentGroup(); const AtomsPtr<Atoms::AgentGroup>& agentGroup() const; void printOptions(); SOP_Node* getInputSopNode(); protected: explicit SIM_AgentGroup(const SIM_DataFactory *factory); virtual ~SIM_AgentGroup(); virtual void initializeSubclass(); virtual void makeEqualSubclass(const SIM_Data *source); private: static const SIM_DopDescription *getSIM_AgentGroupDopDescription(); DECLARE_STANDARD_GETCASTTOTYPE(); DECLARE_DATAFACTORY(SIM_AgentGroup, SIM_Data, "Agent Properties", getSIM_AgentGroupDopDescription()); private: AtomsPtr<Atoms::AgentGroup> m_agentGroup; };
  5. Vex pop removegroup() problem

    Hi, i'm starting to bulid some nodes with VEX but today i found a problem, i think it's a bug but this is the porblem anyway. This i the script: pop proximityGrp(int numPoint=100;) { int i = 0; string num,numa; num = sprintf("%d",ptnum); numa = "PrtProx57"; if(ptnum==57){ string b = concat("PrtProx",num); printf("%s %s\n",numa,b ); removegroup(numa,57); //This works removegroup(b,57); //This not works } } Why with a simple string removegroup() works, while with a concat string it doesn't work??? If i print the 2 strings they are the same thx iaiotom
  6. Fracture tool

    hi kumpa, im' interesting to develop a tool like that for maya ( i know i'm crazy ). Are you some papers that it explain the math algoriths for subdivide geometry like sphenoid voxel or others that you use in your fracture node? Thx iaiotom
  7. Copy And Group, Little Problem.

    eheh the solution was simple. first i delete the points with $ty<0.1 and then i copy the box so it works. thx iaiotom
  8. Copy And Group, Little Problem.

    hi jason, i have tried with $TY<0.1 but it's not good for this case. I need in the delete node an expression that return the center of the bouding box or the pivot's position of each groups, so if the center of the group is <0.1 i can delete this group. there is an expression like that? thx for your help iaiotom
  9. Copy And Group, Little Problem.

    Hi, this is my first post, so i aks a simple question. I have a very simple scene, a box sop wired into left input of a copy node and a grid with a little noise wired into the right input of the same copy node. then in the copy parameter i turned on the create output grups with box$PT how parameter. Now i connect a delete node to delete all cubes that they are a TY position under 0.1, so in the filter expression of the delete node i wrote prim("../copy1",$PT,"P",1)>0.1, but this is not correct because it doesn't consider groups and it deletes faces with y position under 0.1 and not all the cube. So how can i resolve this problem??? thx PS sorry for my bad english