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  1. Animating Vellum stopped attribute trouble

    Thanks Alain great solution. Not what I was expecting. I thought perhaps something to do with the Start Frame on the vellum solver could work. But that is really cool. Didn't realise I could import data from outside up stream like that.
  2. I'm having trouble moving this simple falloff through a vellum object to activate/deactivate the stopped attribute. The attribute is definitely working, however it will not update during simulation. I can't seem to get it to work during sim. Any help would be appreciated. vellum_falloff.hiplc
  3. Hi, Having a problem using the vellum drape solver. I have several seams stiched together which is why I'm using it. But i want some external forces to affect this simulation. Is there something I'm missing about getting forces to affect this type of solver? It is fairly straight forward for normal vellum solve but not this one is seems?
  4. Jittery UVs on vdb deformation

    Ok figured out that a redshift tri planar will avoid some UV unwrapping issues I was having. Looks a lot better now.
  5. Create a gas giant in houdini

    Advect pyro with particle fields? Just looking at that video above. Looks fun.
  6. Hi All, I'm having a problem here where I'm deforming some terrain geo using a vdb network. These are just like growing particle plants which create little mounds in the dirt as they birth. The terrain UV is jittering around as these seeds move through the vdb, reshaping the terrain. I've tried a rest position which would normally work. But i've not had experience using the rest with VDB transformation. I've attached a file and a redshift render. Thanks! ground_deformation_example.zip Particle_Growth_v3-Redshift_ROP1.mp4
  7. Birthing particles dynamically

    Thats great! I feel like i don't make the most of solvers sometimes. that is really handy to know. thank you.
  8. I didn't know you could do this with CHOPs. Would be interested to know more if anyone knows.
  9. Birthing particles dynamically

    Hi All, I'm trying to get this setup working where I have particles that are being activated and turned on before being fed into a pop net. I'm stuck as to how i might be able to birth only each initial particle as they're activated into the popnet. I'm trying a couple of expressions in the impulse activations, but not having luck. I'm currently birthing particles at a constant rate every 5 frames, but what I would like to do is only birth once on each incoming particle. Any help would be appreciated as I'm still learning this Particle_Growth_example.hiplc
  10. Vellum Clothing on rigged character

    Oh I didn't have freeze at frame option selected. That is pretty neat to have that though.
  11. Vellum Clothing on rigged character

    Hi All, I have a vellum setup which involves a rigged character which I will be animating and part of this character uses vellum clothing on the model. I'm currently testing a few keyframe positions to see how the vellum cloth follows the rig, but the cloth is not following my bones at all. Everything welds into place correctly on the character, however when I animate after the weld sim nothing happens. Anyone know what the trick is to get this to work?