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  1. Thx, I will look into it (It kinda generates double line on each intermediate edge, I don't need it https://prnt.sc/nol72r). But, directions aren't important at all, it does not matter if I draw a line from Start to End or from End to Start, I just need to draw these lines =) and for that, I need Start and End coordinates.
  2. Thx, but this is not what I needed. Perhaps I didn't explain what I want well, let me try again. Example: I have a wireframe cube (https://prnt.sc/nocj4n) and I want to get Start and End point data for each line so I can use this data to manually draw these lines inside other engines, in my case Unity. In the case of a cube, I need 2 arrays of 12 points each to draw 12 lines. The first array will contain Start point position and the second, End points position. I can't find any info on how lines are drawn in Houdini, maybe I missing something and there is a hidden variable for each line/edge with start and end point coordinates.
  3. Hi, How can I get Start and End point positions from the "Find Shortest Path" node? I need these to be a point attributes to export them into Unity Point Cache format. Or another example, if I have a wireframe cube, Houdini drawing these edges of a cube, so it definitely knows all the start and end point for each line, so how can I get this data about Start and End points for cube edges? Here is the project file: Veins01.hip
  4. Hi, I'm not a Houdini pro and don't know a bunch of things, but I can't find any info of my current problem. I'm trying to create a bunch of tubes with different sizes that are packed together. I've decided to just use Rigid Bodies for this simulation. The problem is, when the simulation is going, pivot points of each tube are not changing at all, vector position and some attribute called "v" are changing, but not the pivots. I need it to export to Unity Point Cache format, so I just need a size(using pscale) of each piece and its position(pivot). Am I doing something wrong? Also, there is a little bug, when I hit Play, the simulation is not progressing, but when I just select the empty node and then again select the output node, simulation start to work properly. Here is the project file: PointCache02.hip
  5. Hi, How can I create something like this? I've already found two very useful thread on this forum. Both methods are good, but not perfect. The first one is not so accurate, and I wonder how can I relax these point more, to tighten them up even more? This question applies to the method from second thread too, I really need to smooth these spheres, to make them look like in the attached image. Using the second method, I've got something like this and there are overlaps, so I need to get rid of them.