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  1. Principal Component Analysis SOP & DOP Microsolver

    could you share this setup scene including the OTL ?
  2. Particles from Houdini to Maya

    rename to bgeo works! thx. but directly save to bgeo format crash when import,weird
  3. Particles from Houdini to Maya

    Hello Jorge I was lead to here by searching, when I import houdini particles to maya thro Partio, maya 2014 always crash then restart. do you encounter the same problem? in Houdini I delete all detail attribs firstly then save to bgeo files. could you give some hints? ca.7z
  4. thanks you for clarify that. Did you use some pc scattering on the volume for rendering also ? I noticed your tornado have much more "translucency"
  5. Hello guys When I want to learn this course, I re-rendered Alessandro's project file from the attachment, but the looking is very different from the tornado, Could anyone point me out where is problem? hugla2016_tornado.hipnc 2.mov
  6. Juraj's playground

    could the particle shaping force tool be shared here ?
  7. BulletSOP 2.0 beta_v5

    Could you please bring back the fluid of bullet? thats mostly I want...
  8. BulletSOP 2.0 beta_v5

    this compilation for 316 can't work for version343,weird... previous compilation for H12.1 dont have such minor version restriction.
  9. BulletSOP 2.0 beta_v4 for Win64 and Linux64

    as sidefx told,they don't want to implement bullet in sops.they want to keep framework of DOPs.if everything stays in sops would be faster then current version,but losing the beauty of houdini. ppl in production really want speed and stability,thats why we all love Milan' work.
  10. prman 17 volume rendering vs mantra

    then why brickmaps haven't not been any option for field access method except pixar for those years? funny...
  11. HOT for h12

    Any chance by adding a thread option for the HOcean_eval vop? now only sop have a thread option.
  12. Tornado R&D

    when we can see Fabiano's smoke solver
  13. yes it comes from xsi.and have no velocity data at all. So its weird nextlimit write import node for xsi does not check velocity. whilst check vel when import into H
  14. thx for help Mark. Here's anim export from xsi by RF5 plugin. import also works. then I use RF_mesh_import for H11 read it,error happened. mesh.rar
  15. I try both rf5 for H11 from nextlimit and Mark's both mesh_import sop not function properly.always complain can not read rf mesh velocity chunk. I made a test with a simple box in H11. first use RF_Mesh_export then RF_Mesh_import it again, still failed. but with RF5 for Xsi,it works. I bet I made something wrong within H11, can someone tell me ?