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  1. Correct Normals but dark poly?

    Ohhh thanks so much for putting in your time and providing me with this information. I really appreciate it!
  2. I have been following a tutorial by Entagma where vex is used to subdivide geometry. The tool spits out flipped normals at some places but that is fixed. The normals are correct however some polygons remain in a dark color and I am a bit confused on why that is. Help would be very much welcome! Divide.hiplc
  3. I solved it by just using the same fractured object as for the earth scaling them up a bit so thay lay above earth and blasting the inside pieces and assigning the material in the sop.
  4. So I am currently working on an earth destruction sequenz were I have 2 layers on top of the earth base which I fractured and is going to collide with an object. I am a little uncertain on how I should go about getting the other two layer to follow the rbd SIM without having to sim everything 3 times. Just a hint or an idea into the right direction would be enough for me. Cheers, Pascal X