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  1. Foam/Spray Example file?

    Sorry, I can see from your "hconfig -ap" that the HOUDINI_PATH variable is correct. Can you post the output of HOT build process, ie > hython setup.py build Also can you post the output of > ls -lR /Users/michaelmcneff/Library/custom_plugins/hotbin_osx_H11.0.581_1.0rc9 -Drew
  2. Foam/Spray Example file?

    Hmm, I'm now wondering if you are using tcsh or bash as your command shell ? Can you post the output of "hconfig" with no extra flags. -Drew
  3. Foam/Spray Example file?

    Follow the documentation, ie semicolon and don't forget to enclose the value in ""'s. BTW I develop on OSX so I know this works :-) -Drew
  4. Foam/Spray Example file?

    Don't forget the ":&" that is supposed to be at the end of HOUDINI_PATH. It is essential. -Drew
  5. Foam/Spray Example file?

    I wouldn't advocate using your solution of copying the files into the houdini distribution. What went wrong when you followed the docs ? -D
  6. Foam/Spray Example file?

    Are you sure that you've correctly installed the VEX extension ? Double check the installation documentation, particularly the bit about VEXdso files. That error is not the cause of the problem, it's just related to changes in houdini ops. -Drew
  7. spammer

    Hey guys, The user "GaspingChic" came up in a Google Alert for the Houdini Ocean Toolkit. They're pretty obviously a spammer. -Drew
  8. HOT release - 1.0rc9

    See the documentation. Hot documentation. -Drew
  9. See http://code.google.com/p/houdini-ocean-toolkit/ for details. -Drew
  10. Multithreaded HOT

    Hi Christian, Sorry I haven't had time to think seriously about this patch, I've been off doing non-houdini things of late. I had a quick look at the code and I'm not sure that it's worth making the build more complicated than it is already. Also, I have some doubts that removing the locking around the FFT startup would work reliably on multicpu machines. Last time I checked it definitely didn't work reliably under multi-threaded mantra rendering, crashing every few hundred to a thousand frames. It would be nice if Sidefx had some HDK functionality that achieved the multi-threaded style geometry update that you have put into the SOP with OpenMP, I'm guessing that the HDK routines that are being made thread safe these days, is there any docs on this ? I guess you see pretty much linear speedup in the SOP playback speed ? -Drew
  11. Environment var: prepend?

    By prepend I mean, e.g. if your PATH was originally set to something like - PATH c:\MyFaveApp then you would prepend the HOT's dll folder to the PATH by setting - PATH c:\hotbin_win32_H10.0.374\dlls;c:\MyFaveApp You have then put both folders on the executable path by separating them in the PATH variable with a semicolon. -Drew
  12. The problem is with your .bashrc so you should find your local unix guru and find out why the environment variable isn't being set. BTW the way to source .bashrc from the command line is > . ~/.bashrc no need to chmod it. I have a vague memory of having to set up gnome-terminal's profile to "run as login shell" to get my .bashrc and .bash_profile running properly. I'm mostly using OSX these days. -Drew
  13. What happens if you do the export HOUDINI_PATH=' ... ' command on the command line before you run houdini (from the command line as well). I would normally source of the houdin_setup before I set HOUDINI_PATH but I just checked and that shouldn't be the problem. Are you sure your .bashrc is being run properly ? Also try doing ". ~/.bashrc" on the command line and see if HOUDINI_PATH is set. -Drew
  14. HOT linux install

    Use the source. -Drew
  15. Is "mineigval" only for VOPSOP??

    The way to think about it is - "mineigval" *is* a floating point "attribute" that has been added to the "points" of the geometry by the Ocean SOP. The point(...) "expression" is used to access this attribute for use in your own expressions. MINEIGVAL would be a "local variable" if it existed, but it it isn't defined by any SOPS and hence isn't available for use by expressions (ie as $MINEIGVAL). You *can* map the attributes to local variables but that is another topic that you can find out more about in the documentation and forums, look for the term "varmap", but it isn't really needed. Remember you can type "exhelp point" in a houdini texport to read about how to use the point() expression. -Drew
  16. Is "mineigval" only for VOPSOP??

    Hi guys, I have checked a new example into the google code repo that shows how to use the mineigval attribute to find where the choppy waves are self intersecting. You can download it directly (sop_mineigval.hip). -Drew
  17. HOT Install 10.0.465

    Sorry I'm not able to keep up with the windows updates, I just don't have the spare time to generate binaries for all the platforms. I hope someone else can provide this service. This error sounds like you forgot to add the "&" at the end of the HOUDINI_PATH variable, it's important. -Drew
  18. That's actually a fork of an old houdini interface. http://www.derivative.ca/ -Drew
  19. The power of open source - http://www.newtek.com/lightwave/newsletter.php So now it's been ported to Maya, Blender and Lightwave. -Drew
  20. Hot install problem

    All I can suggest is rechecking that you have followed the installation instructions properly, are the paths correct etc. -Drew
  21. Hot install problem

    I wasn't sure if you were compiling from scratch. So I take it you are using H10.0.465 ? What happens when you try and load sop_simple.hip ?
  22. Hot install problem

    First question, can you build SOP_Star.C with hcustom ? -Drew
  23. HOT release - 1.0rc8

    Hi Goldleaf, Your success in compiling under Snow Leopard spurred me on to work out what the problem was at my end. For some reason my hcustom in the latest couple of houdini installs had problems that seemed to have come from another version of libboost being present when I installed Houdini on my machine. After lots of futzing with PATH and DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH to no avail, re-installing Houdini fixed the problem, go figure... So at that point I could build SOP_Star, the HOT etc. My first guess as to what is going wrong with your compile is that you haven't successfully built the 3rdparty libraries ? You should be able to see this from the hot/src directory. (mypy) ~/dev/houdini/hot/src/ $ ls 3rdparty/osx/lib/ libblitz.a libfftw3f.la pkgconfig libblitz.la libfftw3f_threads.a libfftw3f.a libfftw3f_threads.la If not you need to do this > cd 3rdparty > ./build_osx.sh ....... wait a while ...... Then try the hot build again. BTW I uploaded a binary distribution of the latest HOT for OSX / Snow Leopard to the google code site downloads. -Drew
  24. HOT release - 1.0rc8

    I mean I can't get any SOP to build under Snow Leopard. Can you try building SOP_Cleave using the above hcustom command and tell me what the output is. -Drew