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  1. Render Farms

    A new entry to the above list. An open source renderfarm manager donated by Sony to the Academy Software Foundation. https://github.com/AcademySoftwareFoundation/OpenCue No Houdini support at the moment.
  2. Houdini 17 Sneak Peak

    Transcribed from the end of H17 launch video ... "LOPS (Project Solaris) Major new architecture, busy developing in R&D. Architecture that goes straight to the heart of lighting and rendering. And in one big swoop, takes Houdini's proceduralism, combines it with GPU accelerated workflows across the board. Dedicated artist workflows, and it weaves all that into a live and native USD core. But that is a story for another day." Can't wait! :-)
  3. Render Farms

    Many thanks for that great summary Szymon, it was just what I was looking for. We actually are a supercomputer facility, so have lots of task scheduler experience, PBS Pro in our case. But for my groups work (sci-viz) we're currently using hqueue on a chunk of cloud machinery. Being a educational and research institution we have the luxury of great hardware resources, but poor software budgets. Hqueue has been ok for small renders, but has truly woeful performance once you attempt jobs that have a large number of frames, eg I've just rendered a sequence with ~45,000. To view the job I'm seeing 80Mb xmlrcp downloads into the browser, each taking about 30s, with the hqueue process flat pegged at 100% for a lot of the time. Plus the browser re-loads that 80Mb every few seconds, proper server side pagination would go a long way to making it more efficient. I'm also currently trying to delete that finished job which has pegged the hqueue server for the last half an hour. I'm guessing it's a wildly inefficient implementation, where you could reasonably expect a good SQL statement should be able to do that in the blink of an eye. Question for hqueue users, has anyone gone over from sqlite to mySQL and seen a big difference in performance? I'm thinking it woudn't make that much difference, since the main bottleneck seems to be in the hqueue web server API implementation. Now the question is do I start implementing my own half baked pipeline using something like SLURM. Wish HQueue could get some SideFX luvvin!
  4. HOT for Houdini 13

    Thanks Javier, much appreciated :-)
  5. HOT for Houdini 13

    I have no plan to support H13 now that Houdini has equivalent/better ocean surface tools included. It may simply be a case of recompiling. -Drew
  6. HOT OceanTool to H12.5 OceanTool

    Most likely not, the new ocean tool is a completely new implementation. -Drew
  7. HOT for h12.5

    Hi guys, I have no plans to maintain the HOT from this time on. SideFX have done a great job of making the HOT redundant. Now I don't have to recompile/port every time I want to make an ocean surface. This makes me happy :-) -Drew
  8. Hi people, I just fixed a problem with vop_displace.hip in the examples directory that was suffering from houdini version bitrot. For some reason the wave height paramater had been reset to zero. I also added an new example 'equivalent_geos.hip' that shows how you go about getting matching oceans via SOP, VOPSOP and VEX shader, something that I've been asked on more than one occasion. https://github.com/eloop/hot -Drew
  9. Ocean Eval Displacement in SHOPs

    Hi Julian, Look at the new example "equivalent_geos.hip" that I just uploaded to the github repository. https://github.com/eloop/hot -Drew
  10. PS - not sure how you implement a VEX COP Generator where you can set the size of the image directly. Is it possible ?
  11. You'll need to compile the latest version from gitub, turned out there was a small bug in VEX_Ocean.C's implementation of ocean_eval_ij. Then have a look at the vex code implemented in the COP operator in the .otl file included here. It's just the skeleton of an implementation of an asset to generate the various ocean exports as images. hotimages.zip
  12. HOT Ocean Eval vop

    Make sure you have the VEXdso file installed properly.
  13. Hello Imre, Chris's version should be faster, as he's added multi-threading. I peeked at his update to get my SOP_Ocean working again for H12's new geometry library (thanks Chris), but didn't bring in the multithreading. The lastest version of the HOT is now hosted on github and only has support for building on osx/linux with a simple script "compile.sh". You'll need to do the equivalent things to build on windows, although the third party tools are included pre-compiled. I don't have much time to spend on the HOT anymore, so I don't plan to bring Chris's multithreading into the distribution any time soon. If I did I'd be trying to do it in a way that didn't make Ocean.h application specific, and that could take quite a bit of fiddling. I think one of the reasons the HOT has been so widely ported to other platforms is that I kept the math part of the code as clean as possible and completely independent from the application integration. That's also why you can't get the VEX code to multithread. Keep in mind that one way to work with the code is to output the displacement and other quantities as image maps using the VEX function in a COP network. Then you just use the images in shaders and can take advantage of filtering for anti-aliasing, pass the maps between Maya and Houdini as OpenEXRs as well as save memory for the large layered displacements you typically use to hide tiling. https://github.com/eloop/hot BTW Nicholas Yue has commit access to the github repo and is probably available for consultation if you needed more support. Good luck, Drew
  14. Hi people, Sorry I've been absent from most of the recent discussion, I'm very busy on other things these days. Thanks to Nicholas Yue SOP_Ocean now works under H12 using the new GA geometry libraries. I've also started to move away from google code and onto Github which is where ongoing (>= H12) development will take place. Finally I'm changing the way things are compiled and installed, no more producing binary distros, hopefully simpler. For the adventurous among you (Linux and OSX only) , grab the latest code from https://github.com/eloop/hot Compile and install it with the new shell script > ./compile.sh If the 3rdparty dependencies have been compiled (via the above script) you can bypass doing it again by > ./compile.sh -f Finally if you just want to test building and not install to $HOME/houdini12.0 use the -n flag. >./compile.sh -n It will be useful if people report their experiences building in this thread. For anyone who wanted to write the equivalent "compile.bat" for windows, I'd be happy to add it to the distribution. Cheers, Drew
  15. HOT on github / H12

    I don't see this (on OSX), do you see the same thing with the vopsop_foamparts.hip example ? -Drew
  16. HOT on github / H12

    I don't see this (on OSX), do you see the same thing with the vopsop_foamparts.hip example ? -Drew
  17. HOT on github / H12

    I just fixed the problem with chop turned off, update from the github repo. -Drew
  18. is native HOT a real possibility?

    That's news to me, where did you hear it ? I haven't been able to give anywhere near the level of support people want for the HOT, so it would make sense that the SideFX guys go ahead and do one. I'm sure they could reproduce it in short order, after all it 'aint rocket science :-) The down side of writing open source software is the burden of maintaining it for the rest of its life, or at least the guilt suffered by not doing so ... The more successful it is the worse the problem. -Drew
  19. HOT on github / H12

    Thanks for the feedback. I've verified the chop toggle problem, yet to look into the parameter promotion problem. Not sure about the installation directory. I know that I'm always having to look up where the hell things are being installed on Mac and find it much easier to have things in $HOME/houdini12.0 (ie $HIH in the old days). What do others think ? It's easy enough to change, just remove the -i $HIH/dso bit in the compile script. -Drew
  20. Hi people, This release updates the HOT for H11 compatibility, there is no new functionality. Go to the downloads tab to find a source zip plus an OSX binary. Google code HOT repository. Post compile problems for the release in this thread. It would be useful if experienced windows users who have successfully built the HOT for the previous version report back their experience building this version here as well. Cheers, Drew
  21. This is a new one to me, particularly the errors coming from SOP_Star. It smells of some sort of version skew, could you have mixed up Houdini versions ? Out of interest can you load vopsop_foamparts.hip ? -Drew
  22. Foam/Spray Example file?

    Lets see if we can't get to the bottom of this. In a Mac Terminal window - $ cd /Library/Frameworks/Houdini.framework/Versions/11.0.581/Resources/ $ source houdini_setup The Houdini 11.0.581 environment has been initialized. #.....................now make sure you have HOUDINI_PATH setup ok, finally run houdini ............. $ houdini
  23. Foam/Spray Example file?

    The "hython setup.py build" is the command you ran to build the binary dist, it has to be run in the src directory of the hot source. But it looks like everything is in place, the last thing I'm wondering is if you are running houdini from the command line after you have verified you have the HOUDINI_PATH set correctly. Mac Apps run from the Finder/Dock won't see environment variables set in a .profile/.bash_profile file or typed into a Terminal window. For things to work from a GUI launched Houdini you may be able to setup your HOUDINI_PATH in a "houdini.env" file, check the houdini docs on "houdini.env". If you are really interested slog through this http://stackoverflow.com/questions/135688/setting-environment-variables-in-os-x Being an old unix user I always start houdini from the command line. -Drew
  24. Foam/Spray Example file?

    Hang on, where is the HOUDINI_PATH you've set ? -Drew
  25. Foam/Spray Example file?

    Sorry, I can see from your "hconfig -ap" that the HOUDINI_PATH variable is correct. Can you post the output of HOT build process, ie > hython setup.py build Also can you post the output of > ls -lR /Users/michaelmcneff/Library/custom_plugins/hotbin_osx_H11.0.581_1.0rc9 -Drew