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  1. Batch render objects

    I solved it. using the wedge node from the OUT context seem to give me that error 'cause of a mismatch of comunication between the cpu and the gpu ( since I'm using RS). Instead using it from the TASKS contest and using 2 different local scheduler is enough to tell the gpu to wait. Great
  2. Batch render objects

    HI guys! I found this topic very helpful and inspiring, thanks a lot. I used it to create a rendr machine, selecting files form a folder and render them with Redshift. For each object in the folder 3 different cameras and looks fine. The only problem I have is that if I set in my ROP node to render just 1 frame (for each object of course), it doesn't work, since it's not waiting for the current render job to finish to start with the next one. No matters if the next render is a different camera for the same object, or a totaly different object with the same camera. It ONLY works if i set the frame range in the ROP like from frame 1 to frame 2. Works perfectly but of course It doubles my render time since it's rendering two times the same image.... do you have any idea on what can be the problem? Thanx a lot