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  1. hey, thanks for the suggestion! however it doesn't seems to work. if you look at the geometry spreadsheet, the id and ptnum are still shifting along with the frame moving forward. From the file you give, after retime, the particles are still shifting. you can see the first shifting in frame 33 I need the particle id to stay the same throughout the sim. I've tried to revisit the parameters as you suggest, but I still can't find anything affecting the reseed.
  2. sure, heres the file with a flipbook. notice how the reseeding takes effect in frame 33 thank you Retime_With_Narrowband.mp4 NarrowBand_Reseed.hipnc
  3. Hey! yes I’ve did that, but the problem is because reseeding are enable, it causes the point and id to shift regularly. this problem can be fix by turning off reseeding, but narrow band doesn't allow me to disable reseeding.
  4. Hey there, I'm trying to do some slow-motion with my flip sim and realize that reseed particles are messing up the retime due to its nature to generate new particles every few frames. However I cannot disable reseeding because i'm siming my flip with Narrow Band. is there a way to tackle this without disabling Narrow Band or is there a way to somehow set a fix number of particles and set-id so the sim won't get mess up when im trying to retime it?
  5. Hey magicians! So I'm working with vellum and comes to use vellum configure tetrahedral softbody, one of the node it creates is the solid conform node which fills up the inside of the geo So I am making a deflate and inflate effect, so I was going to deflate the statue and inflate it again with vellum. After I 'm done siming, I convert it back to polygon and attach with my material and realize that the inner geo created by the solid conform node is popping out of my mesh with the geo is deforming. (the picture above shows the statue when it is deflating, the white color parts are the inner parts of the geo created by the solid conform node) I've checked that it's nothing to do with UV shifting or primitive changing, it's just the inner part that I need to find a way to remove, I can manual select the inner geo and blast it out, but I need to work with multiple geo so I'm curious are there any better way to remove the inner geo created by the solid conform node after I'm done simulating with it. Many Thanks!
  6. hi guys is there a way in vex to make the bee always face towards the target no matter where the target go? i found a similar script but is the normal point towards the target, is there any similar script or method so whenever the bee fly into different direction or where ever the target go, the head of the bee will still be facing towards the target? Thank you very much!
  7. Hi Guys im a student just started learning houdini, im currently exploring with the pyro effect in houdini and some how i end up the pyro looks so much better in the scene view then the render view, is there any tip for this problem and what should i do to improve? i've been adjusting the material for a day alright and i feel like doing it mindlessly. thank you very much!