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  1. Custom velocity field

    @Atom Oh yes my friend! Thanks so much, it works!
  2. Custom velocity field

    Hello, I'm learning through this tutorial but since H17, Houdini has changed the FluidSource Node for the Pyro Source. As shown in this tutorial I tried to get the Normal direction from the geo source to be transferred to the particles created in the pyro source to create the velocity field, but I can't make it works, anyone good soul to help me, file attached. Smoke_Advection.hip
  3. Hello, I'm a new to houdini and running through the same issue with a fractured object. As I want to inflate the fractured object with vellum pressure, I need the inside group of polys to be remeshed in order to have a heavenly distributed geos, but when I do that the uv get distorded at the edge. I know the issue comes from the remesh, but isn't there a solution to fix that and reproject the uv properly? The idea is that I don't want the fracture to be visible at first glance. how to fix those uv at the border of the fractured object? Thanks
  4. Point Deform and Dopnet

    Hello, I'm running through an issue since I'm still learning and some points remain uncertain, I need some tips and advices for this. I have a setting with a vellum object, I'm using a dopnetwork instead of a vellumsolver. Inside my dopnetwork I have a source node to generate multiples objects over time, eveything is fine, but my question is, can I use a pointdeform with such configuration? it seems that it doesn't work for an unknown reason. I already used a point deform while using a dopnet and it's working great, so I can't figure out where my issue is. How to say to the pointdeform it has to take the information from the source node inside the dopnet? hope it's clear, Thanks
  5. Popcolor export abc to c4D octane

    Ok thanks a lot, solved!
  6. Hello, I'm trying to export the color data from the particles in Houdini to Octane C4D, I followed this advice; "Just in case you haven't resolved this yet. It is now possible to get Houdini's Cd attribute into C4D/Octane. Just make sure that the export from Houdini has a Cd attribute at the point level and when you import into C4D, import the particles as geometry (NOT particles). You'll know you're good if you see an Alembic vertex map tag called "Cd" on the object. You can then use a scatter node with the Alembic object as the surface. Create a sphere (or whatever geo you want), drop it under the scatter node so it becomes the scattered object, and throw an Octane Mat on it. In the mat use an Instance Color node, switch to particle mode, and drag the "Cd" vertex map into the field. Boom, color. Supports full animation of the attribute. Note that only the Cd attribute seems to be supported currently, this looks to be a C4D/Alembic limitation. Depending on what you're trying to do you can get around this in certain cases by using an attrib rename in Houdini to use a Cd vector to hold whatever arbitrary data you care about." Once in C4D, the colors are correctly there, but there's a strange blink and every 5 or 6 frames the colors goes full random, I uploaded a video to show, do you know how to fix this? Thanks a lot opocolor.mp4
  7. Vellum export alembic

    Hello, thanks for the reply!, I finally found that the Split Node worked perfectly!
  8. Vellum export alembic

    Anyone? I'm pretty sure I'm super easy for you guys, and it will help to understand some very basic moves, thanks
  9. Vellum export alembic

    Well, I succeeded one time, but since then I can't reproduce what I did, could someone please take a look at the hip file and tell me how to separate object while exporting as alembic, test_alembic.hip
  10. Vellum export alembic

    Hello, I'm looking for a solution on how to export 2 vellum objects into alembic and differentiate them into cinema4d to apply materials? I found many similar threads here and there about groups and so, but no solution seems to work, I post the hip files if anyone interested to help, it's a simple test, K found a solution, thanks!