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  1. Hello, Can you please help me? Let's say I have a pop network where 1 particle born in every second. Then I attach a sphere to every newly borned particles. How can I turn that spheres into RBD? Thank you.
  2. Hello, I have a render issue. In the renderview the fire looks as it should look but in the final render it appears only on the geometry. Do you have an idea why? Thank you.
  3. Thank you for your help. The transfer animation for me like, the 4 animated points moving continously. I would like to take that movement and copy to the static points. So the stacis points won't be static anymore and they will move exactly same like the animated points. Maybe I can't explain well but do you get it now?
  4. Hello, Can you please help me a little bit? Lets say I have 8 points. four them are simulated. You can see them in the green circle. And I have another 4 close to them which are static points? You can see them in the red circles. How can I copy the movement of the animated point to the static points? I tried with attribute transfer in a solver node but I'm sure I made something wrong because it didn't work. Thank you Gabor
  5. Hello, Can you please help me a little bit? I would like to animate the direction of my normals based on the anti aliased flow noise in point vop. Can you tell me which nodes should I use to get this result? Thank you
  6. Vellum Custom forces

    No, because I usually just drop a vellum cloth and vellum solver. If I go inside the vellum solver I can add pop nodes and somehow I have to import the velocity there.
  7. Vellum Custom forces

    Hello, Can you please help me? I have a custom vortex force and I would like to apply it to vellum solver. How Can I do that? Thank you Gabor
  8. Hello, Can you help me how can I copy my heightfield layer mask onto a grid? With other words I would like to keep the red color and use it as a selection on a grid. Thank you Gabor
  9. How to delete dynamic points by group

    Hello, I made a rigid body simulation where I have different kind of pieces, like pavement, road etc. I grouped them in a group called "group1" How can I write this in vex in pointwrangle? Take the group1 and if the points in group1 are under -1 in @P.y then delete them. Thank you for your help
  10. How to add velocity to newborn particles

    Thank you very much. I will check it tomorrow.
  11. How to add velocity to newborn particles

    I really thank you for your help, but there is two issues. One of them is my fault because I didn't say the proper situation. So, DonRomano, if I understand your solution well every points under some age have velocity:2, and after that age their velocity become one. Right? And schwungsau I apritiate your help too, but my english looks like not enough, because I don't understand anything of your solution. Maybe some comma in your sentence would helpful. So I placed a sphere,then add an animated mountain node, then take it's normal and I set it to the velodity in the dopnetwork in a popvop. This time I attached pictures and the hip file too. So I would like to add that velocity whatI get in the popvop, to the particles which's age is under 1 second ( or any value). The after the first second I want the particles to leave that velodity and just go with the default gravity force. waterbending.hiplc
  12. copy different pieces to different point issue

    Thank you for the explanation.