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  1. How to add velocity to newborn particles

    Thank you very much. I will check it tomorrow.
  2. Hello, I started to use popvop for this project. So I would like to add velocity to the newborn particles. I took the normal of the emitter then plugged into the velocity, which is good, but in this case that will be a constant velocity. So I would like to get the newborn particles and add that velocity for example 4 frames, then they lose that velocity and simply go with the gravity force. I was wondering what if I add a popwrangle. The make a statement if the age of the particles is less then 1 ( i mean second) and the velocity. else if the age is greater then 1 second then just use the gravity. Will this work? How can I write this as a prompt VEX? Can you help me? Thank you.
  3. How to add velocity to newborn particles

    I really thank you for your help, but there is two issues. One of them is my fault because I didn't say the proper situation. So, DonRomano, if I understand your solution well every points under some age have velocity:2, and after that age their velocity become one. Right? And schwungsau I apritiate your help too, but my english looks like not enough, because I don't understand anything of your solution. Maybe some comma in your sentence would helpful. So I placed a sphere,then add an animated mountain node, then take it's normal and I set it to the velodity in the dopnetwork in a popvop. This time I attached pictures and the hip file too. So I would like to add that velocity whatI get in the popvop, to the particles which's age is under 1 second ( or any value). The after the first second I want the particles to leave that velodity and just go with the default gravity force. waterbending.hiplc
  4. copy different pieces to different point issue

    Thank you for the explanation.
  5. Hello, Can you help me a little bit? I have an obj file about tetris pieces. I would like to copy randomly one piece to a random point. What is wrong with my setup? Thank you
  6. copy different pieces to different point issue

    It is working. Thank you. Let me ask don't you want to mentoring a couple hours? I pay for it of course. Maybe we could make a skype session or something. It is a really good thing that you showed me how to do that. But my main goal is understand the workflow. And there are some things I don't really undestand in your setup. Mainly the VEX. And my main issue is with the vex. For example I posted another question here where I asked how to add a custom velocity for only particles which are under age 1? And somebody wrote the same solution I've already knew. But I can't write it with vex.
  7. copy different pieces to different point issue

    First, thank you for your help. And I'm sorry but my hip file was a mess. And this time I attached the tetris obj. The main idea is to copy random pieces of the tetris obj to the points of the cube using the class attribute. tetris.hiplc Tetris.obj
  8. How to add velocity to newborn particles

    You meant something like this?
  9. copy different pieces to different point issue

    Thank you. I will check the video. And I attached my hip file tetris.hiplc
  10. How to add velocity to newborn particles

    Hello Joachim, Thank you for your help. No not exactly. it is very easy so I can explain with adding any picture. So I made a sphere, I add an animated mountain, and add a normal. Then I emit fluid from that object. In the dop I added pop vop and just set the normal to V. So I like the was how the fluid shooting out from the emitter. If i add the drag and air resistance the v still remain on every particles during the whole simulation. So that's why I want to give that velocity only particles are aged under 1 second. Then they can fall down by the gravity
  11. Ocean on a ball?

    Can I ask how do you turn this into a flip? For example I would like to drop something into the ocean and get an interaction between the ocean and the object. Thank you.
  12. Ohhh , Thank you. I will whatch this. I think all my question will be in this video. Thank you again.
  13. Hello, I have an object what I broke with an rbdmaterial fracture then I feed the points into a popnet and add some stuff like wind to move the points. My question is: How can I reset or rebuild or move back the points into their original place and shape like a fast rewind or something. Thank you
  14. Thank you And what happened if I don't want to just retime it? I mean for example I add a wind to break it up. Then for example a rotating axis force for will bring the pieces back into their original place. Is this complicated to set up? As a hobbyist I think since every point have position and rotation I have to take the original point then somehow feed that infos into something which move them into that position, right?
  15. Ok I'm sorry but I don't really understand that timeshift thing. I dropped after the transformpieces. If I set a frame the animation will stop on that frame and hold it. But How will I move the pieces backward?
  16. Thank you for your help. So I should put the timeshift after the transformpieces? I don't do a bullet sim because I don't know how to set this up in bullet sim. I just playing around with Houdini, but maybe I will try to learn to do this with bullet later. And I think if I set this in bullet it will immediately fall apart. Doesn't it?
  17. How to make a group as an exception in primitive wrangle

    Thank you. It is working
  18. Hello, Can I get a little help please? I have an RBD simulation where a bridge's rope breaks. The first part is a glue contraints then it turns into soft constraints then I remove the primitives to break the soft contraints. But I have a part of the rope I don't want to break. So I put it into a group. How can I add that group into my primitive wrangle inside my sop solver as an exception. I mean I would like to break all the constraints ( primitives) except the ones in the group. Thank you.
  19. How to make a group as an exception in primitive wrangle

    It doesn't work.