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  1. Ohhh , Thank you. I will whatch this. I think all my question will be in this video. Thank you again.
  2. Hello, I have an object what I broke with an rbdmaterial fracture then I feed the points into a popnet and add some stuff like wind to move the points. My question is: How can I reset or rebuild or move back the points into their original place and shape like a fast rewind or something. Thank you
  3. Thank you And what happened if I don't want to just retime it? I mean for example I add a wind to break it up. Then for example a rotating axis force for will bring the pieces back into their original place. Is this complicated to set up? As a hobbyist I think since every point have position and rotation I have to take the original point then somehow feed that infos into something which move them into that position, right?
  4. Ok I'm sorry but I don't really understand that timeshift thing. I dropped after the transformpieces. If I set a frame the animation will stop on that frame and hold it. But How will I move the pieces backward?
  5. Thank you for your help. So I should put the timeshift after the transformpieces? I don't do a bullet sim because I don't know how to set this up in bullet sim. I just playing around with Houdini, but maybe I will try to learn to do this with bullet later. And I think if I set this in bullet it will immediately fall apart. Doesn't it?
  6. How to make a group as an exception in primitive wrangle

    Thank you. It is working
  7. Hello, Can I get a little help please? I have an RBD simulation where a bridge's rope breaks. The first part is a glue contraints then it turns into soft constraints then I remove the primitives to break the soft contraints. But I have a part of the rope I don't want to break. So I put it into a group. How can I add that group into my primitive wrangle inside my sop solver as an exception. I mean I would like to break all the constraints ( primitives) except the ones in the group. Thank you.
  8. How to make a group as an exception in primitive wrangle

    It doesn't work.