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  1. Is the surfsect node just a shortcut for a boolean function, or does it have some unique properties, that can't be done with a boolean node?
  2. When remeshing a grid, from a high to a lower resolution, the edge points are kept. Is it possible to remesh a grid, including the edge points? Original high res grid Remesh original high res grid What I would like to achieve
  3. Hi. After we install a HDA like this hou.hda.installFile('hda_path.hda') how is it possible to get the hda's operator name, so we can "create" it? The installFile function does not return anything... hou.node("/obj").createNode("???")
  4. Import hda/otl with python

    Hi Is it possible to "import" an HDA from disk, via python? and how? Much like we can "Import" example assets from the documentation.
  5. Nuke vs COPs

    I was digging around and found "Natron", which seems to have the functionalities I need, and it's open source <3 Thanks for your replies
  6. Hi. Is is possible to create a new "shelf tool set", and move it around? For example to a floating panel, or a bottom panel, if we are using a quad/2x2 layout?
  7. Nuke vs COPs

    @malexanderThank you
  8. Nuke vs COPs

    Hi. Is COP's a realistic alternative to NUKE, in case of color grading, and editing passes? Is it possible to create the same quality of output in about the same time, if the artist have about the same hours of learning NUKE vs COP'S (If the artist already know Houdini's others operator levels)
  9. Hi everybody. I am trying to get my head around the crazy world of DOP's I can't quite figure out how to reference different object data across the network. I have a pyro/FEM setup where I am using the velocity from the smoke as drag for the FEM solver. When I dive down the "Fem Solid Object" I can see that it's done by applying "Apply data" to the object with "Drag properties" I am then trying to mirror that setup with the vellum setup, but it just doesn't work. My question is, how can I get the vellum setup to work, so that I can use the velocity from the smoke object and also, how does the FEM system know where the velocity comes from. In the "External velocity field" in the "FEM Solid Object" it's just referenced as "vel" but is it referencing all data called "vel" in the DOP? All the best velocity_from_pyro.hipnc
  10. I have 3 entries in a wedge (each 48 frames) that I would like to render out in 3 different videos, instead of render all iterations out in one video. How can I do that?
  11. Define outer points

    Is there an easy way to define points at an "outer context", like the 4 corner points on a grid, or the 8 corner points of a remeshed box.