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  1. smoke trail render

    Thanks,I will try.
  2. smoke trail render

    Could you recommend some tutorial about this?I can't find any of them.
  3. Hi,guys.I have a render question to ask you which confusing me a few days. I don't know how set parameters that i could get the fireball like the picture which i upload. Please help me. smoke_trail.hiplc
  4. Flipbook

    hey guys ,who knows where the function is in new version?
  5. I want to sim a water drop like the following URL. I have tried changing the surface tension and gravity to want to the space of each drop larger, But I have no method to make it looks better.And I also think my simulation is too fake. Help me Please. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iDd1XRlt3N8 drip_fliud.mov