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  1. Can you timeshift inside a for-loop

  2. Batch opening and saving *.obj files

    nowadays you can just use TOPs for any sort of batch processing like this
  3. Python - Integer to String

    Just cut/paste the old node or save your scene and reopen, it probably has your str still overwritten and cached somewhere
  4. Python - Integer to String

    should work, unless you overwrote str with something else higher in the script, like str = "something"
  5. vellum blend(inflate objet)

    seems to be working fine it's not inflating fully simply because you currently have only "cloth" constraints so stretch and bend constraints, no pressure, no struts, no tets so in other words no constraints that are able to enforce the volume. Also your constraint iteration is fairly low by using Vellum Rest Blend your stretch and bend constraints are correctly adjusting their rest state so it's all up to their stiffness and constraint iterations * substeps so you can increase your iterations or substeps and bend stiffness to see how close you will get to the "inflation" that way, which may be enough for relatively low-mid res geo, but ultimately you may need to add at least struts, but probably better tet or pressure constraints
  6. here Jeff describes how to use implement custom distributed sim (towards the end of the video) https://www.sidefx.com/tutorials/h15-masterclass-distributed-simulations/ also TOPs support distributed sims, not sure if it works with all schedulers but may be worth looking into
  7. deleted post, disregard (I missed the last post, so was pretty much along those lines)
  8. Delete volume attribute

    If it works by deleting vel.z volume then that may be faster than actually setting the values to 0
  9. UDIMs in Houdini, how?

    just assign desired value of udim attribute to your group before UV Layout as described here, you don't have to touch the override parameter it's important however that the primitives with the same udim attribute value form an isolated uv island, UV Layout doesn't seem to be split them otherwise
  10. UDIMs in Houdini, how?

    it doesn't create any attribute, but if you have integer prim attribute with the same name as specified (default: udim) it will be used to place those islands to udims based on that value if target is UDIM Tiles or it will use that attrib to place islands to rectangle matching the index from attribute if target is set to Rectangles and Default Target is specified additionally to that attribute you can specify overrides in Overrides parameter with the format you described (<primitive>:<udim or rectangle index>)
  11. in graph editor select keyframes, press Y, adjust the box handle in dopesheet use Region handle (Shift+S)
  12. opunhide all nodes using python

    sop_list = hou.hscript("opunhide Sop")[0].split()[2::3] for sop in sop_list: hou.hscript("opunhide Sop {}".format(sop)) or if you want to unhide all nodes of all types all = hou.hscript("opunhide")[0].split() node_list = [all[i+1:i+3] for i in range(0, len(all), 3) ] for node in node_list: hou.hscript("opunhide {} {}".format(node[0], node[1]))
  13. My wire simulation issue...

    here is a quick file everything at default, just lowered angular stiffness/damping WireLines_01_fix.hip you can go further and vary stiffness by attribute over length if you really want the shape to be exactly as in your image
  14. opunhide all nodes using python

    hou.hscript("opunhide Sop point") should work
  15. you may need to clarify what exactly are you trying to replicate as setting the reference will create a keyframe with ch() or chs() expression if there were previous keyframes on such parameter, the segment function belonging to left keyframe of the current time segment will be replaced with ch() or chs() expression while other keyframes will keep the segment functions they had what keyframes are you trying to get back to? the ones replaced by the reference functions? (those are gone) or are you trying to delete reference, but replace it with the actual keyframes that the referenced parameter has?