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  1. reference the toggle in the switch sop input parameter, like ch("../mytoggle")
  2. vellum grains constraints problem

    it's cause you are feeding the original constraint geo to both of your vellum constraints branches, even though each of them should only hold subset of constraints so in your setup break the second inputs for both vellumconstraint nodes alternatively just create point groups for your separate clusters and apply both vellumconstraint nodes in one stream acting on different groups
  3. create callback on your mymenu parameter that will set myslider parameter value to whatever you want upon change the disadvantage of menu is that the callback is not called when the value doesn't change, so if it's already on Set To Min, you can't invoke it just by opening the menu anch choose Set To Min again, you have to do Set To Max and then Set To min that's why I included buttons as an alternative which may be more user friendly HDA_Test_01_fix.hip
  4. Beginners question: Array attributes? What is binding?

    yes, there are array attributes http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/nodes/vop/snippet.html#binding-geometry-attributes-to-vex-variables
  5. Animate points of polyline and keep distance?

    there is no need to double post on these forums
  6. here is one solution, the resample node is there only to smooth out the curve, but keeps the segment proportions intact AnimatePointsAlongPolygon_with_edited_shape_fix.hip
  7. Setting or changing parameters with VEX

    first of all you can't change parameter values with VEX at all to access them you need to use ch(), chi(), chf(), ... this way you can access any parameter from the scene, however I'd advise only accessing parameters directly on the Wrangle and channel reference others in them if you need to to properly track the dependencies that part is super specific to VEXpressions, it's just because many of the parameters on such nodes (mostly POP DOPs) are actually referenced in the VOPnet and passed through snippet as arguments of the same names, therefore it seems that you can access those parameters and alter them, while in reality you are modifying a variable passed to the snippet and initialized wit the parameter value, then the result of the snippet is used dive into any of those nodes to observe how it's all connected
  8. if there are no variables then yes, you can just put value and be done however, if for example: `stamps(".." , "OBJID" , "value")` on your dopimport node is inside of the DOP node, like SOP Solver, then '..' points to that DOP node (SOP Solver) and all DOP nodes have "DOPNET", "OBJID" variables initialized, SOP Solver has "DATANAME" variable too and many others, you can see all of that in Docs : http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/nodes/dop/sopsolver.html so in that case no, just putting value there may not work as expected for all cases, especially when dealing with multiple dop obects or data you will not see the variable directly evaluated in the parameter, that will most probably always show fallback value as the variable can be different for every object processed by the node, etc, so it can't show all the different values at the same time, but the variable exists and will return correct value during cooking
  9. How to detach edges

    In Edge Cusp check Cut Boundary Points
  10. Vellum - cloth on fast moving objects

    any broken example file will do by not posting anything you are expecting people to build their own example to see whether they will even run into your issue and then try to fix that, essentially your chances for getting a solution without broken setup are much lower
  11. They are stored in "transform" intrinsic
  12. Od Studios launch

    good luck Marc, we'll miss you I see what you did there, method studios
  13. normal point center

    int pt = addpoint(0,@P); setpointattrib(0, "N", pt, v@N); removeprim(0,@primnum,1); or if you want interpolated N instead of geometric N int pt = addpoint(0,@P); vector N = primuv(0, "N", @primnum, {.5, .5, 0}); setpointattrib(0, "N", pt, N); removeprim(0,@primnum,1);
  14. looks like a typo to me, I think it should have been: using @name=foo is similar to creating a group foo and referring to it using foo as in the group fields you refer to groups just by name
  15. you can try advecting your curves using the FLIP vel field, then maybe reproject to the meshed flip