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  1. UV's move on bgeo sequence

    instead of dealing with Vertex SOP or Vertex - Old SOP, you can use Attribute Copy SOP to just copy any desired attribute (or multiple attribs) from static geo to deforming one as long as they have the same topology or if you have attribute to match them by
  2. just a side note, VEX is not OOP language, so most of the OOP concepts will not translate well, no classes or inheritance, the closest you can get is structs with local functions https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/vex/lang.html
  3. RBD constraint custom attribute not working h17.5

    seems to be working for me, if I check the primitive stiffness attribute on the Constraint Geometry output of rbdconstraintproperties3 I see it contains values that are your custom stiffness scaled by Stiffness parm value
  4. Compiled Block Nodes Usage

  5. How do you split a selection of edges?

    Edge Cusp SOP
  6. Connecting edges

    Either Edge Divide (with connect points checked) or for full loop Poly Split Node in Edge Loop Mode or Edge Loop Tool in the viewport which will place such Polysplit for you
  7. you can for example age your Geometry or ConstraintGeometry using POP or Geometry Wrangle using f@age += @TimeInc; then in Vellum Constraint Property DOP either use float age = point(1, "age", @ptnum); restscale = 1 + age*.5; if you have @age only on points of the geometry (see example file) or if you have f@age on primitives of ConstraintGeometry you can do directly restscale = 1 + f@age*.5; anim_rest_scale_age_v001_fix.hip
  8. do restscale = 2; instead of f@restscale = 2; since you want to modify restscale variable containing value of restscale parameter that is passed to the snippet instead of directly create or modify restscale attribute (which wouldn't even be used by vellum and you don't have permission to create, hence it's erroring out)
  9. [SOLVED]Lossing Rest field after converting VDB

    Your rest fields are probably empty, therefore VDB will contain 0 voxels as it ignored empty ones since it's sparse You can use VDB Vector Merge to combine float to vector fields
  10. Randomly choose between 4 options

    just pick the value from an array based on that index
  11. Randomly choose between 4 options

    you can use sample_discrete() function to get the index and then get your value from an array of values, it can be uniform or weighted or you can use ramp parameter with constant interpolation and look up the value using random 0-1 number
  12. scatter point with pattern

    make sure your geo has uvs in Scatter SOP set Generate to In Texture S[ace. Check Density Texture an put your image there or if you mean literally, each black point to become a single point then use Trace SOP to extract the circles, Then Connectivity and Extract Centroid per 'class' attribute
  13. Python Unique Value Array

    you can convert it to set and back uniqueV = list(set(v))
  14. [SOLVED] In/Active Constraints

    it's because your sopsolver1 is overwriting your constraint geometry so either disable sopsolver1 or dive in and change display flag to relationship_geometry which contains your constraints, if you want to make modifications to them also you'll need to define your cannonball as a static packed rbd using bullet solver, rather than Static Object
  15. Add color to existing color based on attribute?

    lots of ways, but you can use for example Mix VOP in vops or lerp() function in VEX to mix colors by attribute (see example with both) vector color = chv("color"); v@Cd = lerp(v@Cd, color, f@eye); AddColorToExistingColor_fix.hipnc