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  1. Hey all, Think I'm pretty close to what I'm trying to do, but missing how to read the iteration attribute into python to create the material names. Basically I'm trying to make a material for every US state. I'm making the 50 materials but they are all stuck on alabama then incrementing number added to alabama instead of the names other states. I'd like to also assign the basecolor texture based on the s@state attribute that would be something like C:/filefolder/`@state`.jpg into the python script creating the material. I'm pretty new to python in any sense, and slapped some code together from stack overflow, so would appreciate any hand holding! Also if there is any other way to do this without creating the 50 textures and access a file path in a single texture in PDG, would love to hear. Thanks in advance
  2. Hey all, I know I'm pretty close, but think I'm missing a step, was wondering if there is an easy way to replace spaces with hypens at the attribute level in tops? Or assembling a split string with hyphens in between? I have the string split into an array (@split) and the split count in an integer attribute(@splitcount). Thanks in advance
  3. FLIP Collision with Alembic.

    Hi all, I've been combing the forums trying to get some fluid to stay in this fairly fast moving alembic animation which I think I've converted to proper polygons. I'm wondering how to make the fluid stick with the alembic container (martini glass) while still maintaining some sort of fluidity. As of right now it ghosts through my collision vdb on a faster move. I've tried fiddling with a number of properties like the resolution of the collider VDB / particle scale / particle separation / seeding / attribute transfers , but I fear I've just checked something I shouldn't have somewhere along the way. Excuse my novice ways and feel free to school me on better workflows. Any advice or solutions much appreciated. Thanks in advance. Flip_test.zip