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  1. animated uv alembic issue

    Any leads how do achieve this in xpresso or python? Would you be feeding the custom attr on to the UV tag? or in a vertex map shader or something of the sort? Thanks for your help, thought I was going crazy there.
  2. Hey all, I have some geo based lava where im throwing the @uv through a solver offsetting the v value so it appears to flow. I'm trying to bring this into cinema, but the uv's seem to be static. When I re import the alembic into houdini, everything is animated and working. Anyone ever run into this? @uv is on vertex and shows up in cinema, just not animated. Thanks for any help in advance! untitled.mp4
  3. Hey all, I'm trying to render out a crowd in mantra, and while my hair and hat styles are working, I'd like to add some variation to the crowd agent itself. I've already baked out maps for each agent via COPs ( 8 each) and the idea is to create a style for each agent, in this case M_01_*. I'm Trying to randomize the highlighted number in the img attached and fit it 00-07 based on @primnum or @ptnum if possible? Or can you directly use an attribute value in Material style sheets? I could just create an integer value per agent via vex then somehow use it in the style sheet? Thanks in advance!
  4. Hey all, I'm trying to match the animated detail attrib from the mocap stream to the blendshapes in the mesh via the characterblendshapes. I've managed some vex to match some of the channel names. Is there some sort of wrangle that would match the detail attrib to the blendshape? Or am I missing a step? Thanks in advance, this is my first time messing with blendshapes in this way.
  5. Alembic instances Houdini -> c4d

    Found out it was a matter of Checking 'Transform shape' in the Packed Transform Dropdown on the ROP alembic
  6. Hey All, I have a stadium which ive generated in houdini and want to bring over to c4d for render. I have a copy to points setup with pack and instance checkbox ticked, which gives me around 15000 packed geos. Upon bringing into c4d, it seems sluggish and slow and was wondering if there is any way to bring over the instance settings for c4d. I've tried to set it to instances in the import alembic dialog in c4d but nothing seems to work. Thanks in advance
  7. Hey all, Trying to attach some clothing by using the biharmonic capture to put the boneCapture attribute onto my shape which in theory should get deformed with the agent animation, I just don't know how to apply it with an agent. Usually with kinefx I would do a bone Deform but don't know how to access that in the Crowd world. I've successfully transferred some sort of bonecapture attr onto the Jersey Shape, I feel like I'm just missing something simple. Here's some screenshots of my setup below: Thanks in advance!
  8. Hey all, Think I'm pretty close to what I'm trying to do, but missing how to read the iteration attribute into python to create the material names. Basically I'm trying to make a material for every US state. I'm making the 50 materials but they are all stuck on alabama then incrementing number added to alabama instead of the names other states. I'd like to also assign the basecolor texture based on the s@state attribute that would be something like C:/filefolder/`@state`.jpg into the python script creating the material. I'm pretty new to python in any sense, and slapped some code together from stack overflow, so would appreciate any hand holding! Also if there is any other way to do this without creating the 50 textures and access a file path in a single texture in PDG, would love to hear. Thanks in advance
  9. Hey all, I know I'm pretty close, but think I'm missing a step, was wondering if there is an easy way to replace spaces with hypens at the attribute level in tops? Or assembling a split string with hyphens in between? I have the string split into an array (@split) and the split count in an integer attribute(@splitcount). Thanks in advance
  10. FLIP Collision with Alembic.

    Hi all, I've been combing the forums trying to get some fluid to stay in this fairly fast moving alembic animation which I think I've converted to proper polygons. I'm wondering how to make the fluid stick with the alembic container (martini glass) while still maintaining some sort of fluidity. As of right now it ghosts through my collision vdb on a faster move. I've tried fiddling with a number of properties like the resolution of the collider VDB / particle scale / particle separation / seeding / attribute transfers , but I fear I've just checked something I shouldn't have somewhere along the way. Excuse my novice ways and feel free to school me on better workflows. Any advice or solutions much appreciated. Thanks in advance. Flip_test.zip