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  1. Delete points with opposite normals

    I just realized, you probably want inverted @N form what I've shown.
  2. Delete points with opposite normals

    Is this the kind of results you're looking for? I can't send files atm, but I commented as best as I could, it should be straightforward enough. It gets you true bissextile angled Normals, non dependent of each point segments length, hence no resample node needed, like I so often see on this kind work. The curvature node gets you an easy mean to set up your inner and outer corners. could even take it a step further, and identify with are straight angled or not, too; just look at the values you get in the spreadsheet. The 'trick' is to not use the fuse node with it's defaults setting, but I commented all that you need to change. I guess I could also have added a polypath at the end, reunify the primitive segments back into only one. And of course it could be even more set up with vex.
  3. Extract curve from shape

    oh I see. 'drawcurve' sop, indeed. Thank you!
  4. Extract curve from shape

    Hi, Jumping on this if I may... I tried it, and can't seem to get the intended results. I tried connecting the input of a curve node to the output of a tube/grid/etc, before or after I start drawing the curve points, and I get no snapping to the input mesh. I tried transforming/moving the input mesh too, no change. What am I missing?