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  1. Hard Surface Design

  2. Hard Surface Design

    Thats a super nice idea with polycut ty so much!!
  3. Hard Surface Design

    Heyho Something i dont get.. How do i combine the wings with the body without loosing my edge groups plus get the seams between? Maybe not with groups but with pieces? After that i want to do something with all that unshared edges Have a wonderfull weekend!
  4. Hard Surface Design

    Thank you so much guys, i experimented with all files ive found and barely slept because im so hyped about the way.
  5. Hard Surface Design

    so.. How do I get this all from a combined mesh? - I don’t even know how to combine fuel, tank and wings with body yet (sure maybe boolean but it has to keep this piece/islands) - to this shaped mesh where selected edges (espacially the backside cut of the wing makes me think) will be "hard and blue haha"? I’m thinking of different approaches but maybe you have a quick solution so I don’t have to spend a lot of time trying them out :_) aaaaand how do u think all those edges and islands were grouped for the later edge delete? Thanks in advance! @Librarian I researched every topic on this Akita saito stuff in this forum now but in the end everyone has more or less their own solutions and not directly akira saito sans. I mean.. the delete edges algorithm which was used to carve the lines on the body is almost the same which creates those lines on the end of the wings and air intakes for example... isnt it? Those edges also became blue... and i think its not only because of visibility or
  6. Hard Surface Design

    Ok i did it, it really works well with the posted algorithms. I get nice fluent lines now on the geo. Is there an option where i can somehow select the front pieces and the back pieces? Can i define some areas where it tries to select some of my wanted areas? I tried different stuff but it i can only figure it out how to iterate over the whole geo pieces. But, for example, i want the front made out of glass.. is there a procedural way?
  7. Hard Surface Design

    HOLY COW what the actual
  8. Hard Surface Design

    ahh hi, thank u very much, i like your file and solutions very much, but first thing, the entagma solver doesnt work for me, maybe its because im using 17.5 The other thing, i dont think it was done this way. But the "scattering stuff over the geometry part" comes closer i think. In the end, Saito can configure the count, the scale, the length and a seed with his settings.. couldnt it be made with intersecting geometry scattered on top of the base geo? I also scattered lines on top of the geo and minposed them with ray sop. I thought about sweeping something with a ramp setup and then bool it away.. but the seed option makes me think lol
  9. Hard Surface Design

    Hi peoples, hope u have a nice time. I want to achieve a concave geo look. The example shows that kind of look i want to model. Im thinking about how this was done. I tried almost every technic i can imagine but dont get it right.. I thought of it like this In my imagination it could be made like this: scatter points on only one side, copy geo to it and subtract with boolean... but the scattered geo has to look different and stuff, i mean... how do i achieve a procedural system where i can choose the length, the count and the size between the scattered objects making these lines over the body? If there are any ideas around pls let me know. :/ The presentation can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q0B4KKTdsdQ&t=827s&ab_channel=Houdini
  10. Hair Braids

    Hey folks, any ideas how to setup hair braids? Or how to braid hair? thx in advance
  11. Heart Beat Vex

    Hello folks, i want to simulate a heart beating. And i am really bad at coding so... i managed implementing a sin function and fit it between other values so the heart doesnt get below 0 or the other direction because i connected it to the pscale of single point. A friend of mine told me to set up a sleep function after one heart beat but we also dont know how. Is there any way to do a complete heart beat algorithm? If i could understand the math behind it parallel it would be awesome too In the end i want it to transfer the position data to a vellum surface....
  12. Vellum Weld (multi cloth)

    I DID IT *-*
  13. Vellum Weld (multi cloth)

    Hi folks, Vellum_Weld2WeldedCloth_review.hip Why?
  14. Point Color on Y Axis always different

    Ok well... that was simple. Just a bit more research and it works.. sry FlipDrops_StickCdTest_review.hip
  15. Point Color on Y Axis always different

    Yeah sry asked to early, found it. Never thought i will be in there some day