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  1. Hair Braids

    Hey folks, any ideas how to setup hair braids? Or how to braid hair? thx in advance
  2. Heart Beat Vex

    Hello folks, i want to simulate a heart beating. And i am really bad at coding so... i managed implementing a sin function and fit it between other values so the heart doesnt get below 0 or the other direction because i connected it to the pscale of single point. A friend of mine told me to set up a sleep function after one heart beat but we also dont know how. Is there any way to do a complete heart beat algorithm? If i could understand the math behind it parallel it would be awesome too In the end i want it to transfer the position data to a vellum surface....
  3. Vellum Weld (multi cloth)

    I DID IT *-*
  4. Vellum Weld (multi cloth)

    Hi folks, Vellum_Weld2WeldedCloth_review.hip Why?
  5. Hi folks, Maybe u can tell me how this color effect is achieved? You can see it very good on the blue one blop. There are random colors distributed along the y axis, also a different combination on every spawned blop. https://www.instagram.com/p/BrshgtPHbyk/ Any Ideas? Have a nice sunday, and thank you in advance!
  6. Point Color on Y Axis always different

    Ok well... that was simple. Just a bit more research and it works.. sry FlipDrops_StickCdTest_review.hip
  7. Point Color on Y Axis always different

    Yeah sry asked to early, found it. Never thought i will be in there some day
  8. Point Color on Y Axis always different

    Ok, i have to ask again, how are those sliders generated? o.O Is it a different workflow than creating spare paramteters?
  9. Point Color on Y Axis always different

  10. Deform Box of Points (cells)

    Hello friendly helpers, to make it short and maybe a bit more easy to understand what my question is - a few screenshots. I tried it self coded which works well with a grid. Deforming a box works fine with a ripple solver. When i put a box into the sin-wave wrangle - the box deforms completely to the x-achsis... I want to have a box of spheres, which behave like a sin wave over the whole box. The farest where i get my head is to have the spheres sitting on the x-achsis. But i need them as a box of spheres. It would also be nice if the spheres would collide between each other. I thought of doing this with vellum grains which worked actually pretty well, but in the end i got problems with forces. Is there any way to do this with vector force or velocity volumes? Or has my code the potential to fix it fast? ^^ Have a wonderful sunday btw
  11. Deform Box of Points (cells)

    Okay! Thank you! I experimented a bit with the transform pieces method. I think the assemble node was also good to set up When i setup the transform pieces sop i get more distance between the y distances on each sphere.. how? I simply put my wrangles rest position inside the third input of the transform pieces sop.. The ripple solver does a good job while transforming the box of spheres. But if i want to have collission - the spheres start to overlap at a decent amount of height of the waves.. How could i fix this? I tried to wire the sin wave transformation at the beginning of a vellum solver and also at the end, as constraints.. and anywhere else. Is there a clean method to achieve a sin wave on a box of spheres with collision (or only no overlaps)?
  12. Deform Box of Points (cells)

    Hello Tesan, first of all - i am a big fan of ur instagram, following for almost a year! ^^ I really dont know how the transform pieces sop works o.O I will try to get into the transform pieces way.. anyway here is my current scenefile. The red folders mark the spot where i think i need help. thanks! VEX02_WavesOnSurface.hip
  13. Redshift - Render Vellum Attributes

    Okay i got it. Yesterday was a struggle anyway. I Didnt know that pressure/stretch are visualized as the volume attribute?
  14. Hello Peoples, its my first Time typing in a forum, but i am looking forward to meet the right people here, because in my social area nobody wants to speak with me about Houdini. Haha. As the title says, i want to know how i transfer the pressure/stretch/bend attribute to the final Render Geo and make the Stiffness or the Stress visible in my Rendering. Has anyone a clue? And sorry if there is a topic already. Thanks very much
  15. Multiple Vellum Solvers?

    Hello art3mis, i don’t know if you have a need anymore in this. Try to setup for each of your „vellum source“, here I am speaking of your vellum items you want to simulate, a vellum cloth object. Connect your Null Objects to make your OUT_geo and OUT_Con available for each of your vellum constraint Setup. Wire all the geo in one Merge and all the cons in another merge. Then wire that into a single vellum solver. I was looking for help in the forum. I saw your topic, and I have a solution instead of help. I have so many questions left in vellum^^