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  1. Join meshes together smooth transition

    Magnus thanks to your file I discovered the node : CircleFromEdge it proved to be really usefull. I could not understand all the vex so I decided to do it manually. I'm pretty happy with the result. I will have to do more vases and cups so i will go the procedural way next time, i have to improv e in vex . Thanks for your help guys ! Feel free to add anything if you want. vase.hipnc vase.hipnc
  2. Join meshes together smooth transition

    Hi guys! I want to create a simple vase(revolve) with curved handles on the sides(curves + sweep) . I managed to create the vase and the handles. However I didn't succeed in joining both meshes. I tried several techniques : merge + polybridge tool, boolean union + subdivisions, polygon to vdb -> convert to polygon again Do you have advice for modelling the vase? Thanks for your time.
  3. Join meshes together smooth transition

    Hi. I have tried merging the objects using a boolean operator and a bevel node (as shown in Vusta's file with the Kettlebell). I ajusted the exclusions parameter for the bevel node but i didn't get the result i was expecting. I think i'm missing something in my understanding. I'm going to try the Fuse method. I have provided the hip file this time I have uploaded a picture of the result i'm getting. This looks fine now, but if I add a subdivide node it doesn't look good at all. I wonder why . If you have any ideas please let me know. Have a great day ! vase.hipnc
  4. Join meshes together smooth transition

    I will upload my progress tonight. Thanks for sharing your file!
  5. Create a gas giant in houdini

    Hi ! I want to create a gas giant on Houdini. How would you go about creating this effect (i'm a beginner ): -I tried using a particle simulation but it was not looking good -Maybe i could do a smoke simulation -flip simulation ? Thanks for your help !
  6. Create a gas giant in houdini

    Thanks for the advice. I will try to do a 2d simulation and use it as a texture I already did a flip simulation on the sphere using the scatter node to place particles on my sphere. The result is not really good, the flow of fluid is unstable at the end of the simulation. I have uploaded a video if you guys want to see how it looks + the nodes. demo_jupiter_sim_houdini.mkv
  7. Create a gas giant in houdini

    I just rendered this frame. This is a simulation of two fluids on a grid. I want to do a fluid simulation similar to the rayleigh instability on a sphere. I would like to know how to create a fluid simulation on a sphere. I want my particles to stick to the surface an interact together. Thanks again
  8. Create a gas giant in houdini

    Salut Flcc, Merci pour l'information je vais regarder ce tutoriel !