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  1. vex array splat/unpack operator for function arguments?

    Hmm well it looks like I just found another version of the function that takes arrays as arguments. But the main question still stands, is it possible to unpack an array into function arguments? vector spline(string basis, float sample_pos, vector values[], ...)
  2. I'm new to vex and was wondering if there is a splat operator to unpack arrays into function arguments? (like javascript's ... or rubys *) The reason I'm asking is I have a wrangle that I want to take an unknown number of points and put their position into the cspline function. In the docs we have vector cspline(float t, vector val1, ...) If it was Javascript I'd do something like cspline(t, ...array_of_parameters) to unpack my array into that list of parameters, is it possible to do something similar in vex? If it's not possible how can you get an unknown number of parameters into a function that takes an unknown number of parameters? Cheers Ben