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  1. Split Curve Trail decay

    I'm tried a bunch of ways to replicate this effect and even after reading his process 100 times and I still can't work out how to do it. The principles make sense, the implementation is where I'm struggling. Does anyone fancy a pass at it? Specifically: 02. TREAT AS PARTICLES http://labs.gupon.jp/bezier_decay/ decay_transition01-afddb42381e6afa36b4ee8f19a948ae7.mp4
  2. Javascript to Vex snippet

    Someone figured it out for me just as I posted for help
  3. Javascript to Vex snippet

    Can delete this post
  4. hyperbolic tiling

    A shot in the dark here, but has anyone done any hyperbolic tiling in Houdini? The structure is really beautiful but the math is extremely complex, for me at least. Would love to see if anyone has tackled something like this in Houdini