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  1. Hi. I want to change glue constraint strength depending on which object hit it. Here I want that center toy is weak, right toy is strong collider. https://imgur.com/sFXmBTO.mp4 I don't want to change the strength with keyframes, as we are actually expecting a fairly complex RBD. I want to reflect collisions that appears dynamically in DOP. I think we can use Impact point search with SOP solver. Now I want to make it in RBDBulletSolver because of H18 guide constraint, but its DOP's SOP solver of constraint is little strange. It seems to be not able to use additional SOP solver (?) https://imgur.com/EiUKQyc.mp4 and SOP solver named "Constraint_Solver" we already have cannot read impact with "Error: Infinite recursion in evaluation..." So does anyone know import Impact DOP data to RBDBulletSolver's "Constraint_Solver"? or another solution? I don't really understand the data structure of the DOP, so I'm assuming it's a simple specification. import_impact.hiplc
  2. Hi micro. Nope, I complete all rendering in Houdini now. In any case, as a data environment that can render massive vfx, houdini is It seems to be the best. I don't know about Autodesk or Foundry but... If you load RBDsim as "deform geometry" it will cost you a proportional amount of the number of polygons But you can managed to render it in C4D as well.
  3. Feedback loop can't be compiled because each process needs all process before itself. I like this algorithm for avoid intersection, but we need pre-clustering of geometries by using low cost geometry representation like bbox or shperes for multi threding.
  4. I think that your solution of Packed fragment by Assemble SOP is the best. Packed fragment system just exist transform many static geometry like this one efficiently. Another way is Transform Pieces SOP , VEX transform matrix method... Just now I prepare H18 new method by Copy SOP's variant option. The source point of the Voronoi split is not always in the center of the generated piece, so it needs to be fixed. Cheers! Voronoi_Points.hiplc
  5. Vellum match animation make jittering

    Wow! Thaaaaaanks anim!! It's just I needed...!! I just realized "Compute Missing Orientation" parameter on vellum constraint property SOP... I'll keep in mind that some kind of direction information like Orient is important for point-based calculations. Thank you so much!
  6. Vellum match animation make jittering

    Thanks Noobni! The instability of this vellum seems to have many causes. The culprits I found were number of Hair segments, length of the Hair, Groom Bend, and original RBD situation. Bend in particular creates a mysterious bounce... It may not be compatible with vellum to express stability state. The trick at the moment is not to do too many segments (around 8, not 16 or so), make the hair somewhat longer (0.2~), and avoid Bend... Although, "match animation" seems to create a mysterious force in the simulation. If you visualize Stretch Rate or some stress values, you will see that it is displayed in red for a moment ! I've now added some Groom to Noobni's file. There is a mysterious bounce when Bend is turned on. This doesn't appear when the "match animation" is turned off, so it seems to be incompatible with each other. Here Match animation : strange bounce https://imgur.com/MzD3qVT.gif Here off it : nothing strange https://imgur.com/U1dkalE.gif vu_hair.hiplc
  7. Vellum match animation make jittering

    Here my final concept. I want to destruct these grasses, so use Convet line SOP. Any forces don't exist, so strange jittering appear on impact moment. https://imgur.com/lSXz03M.gif destruction.hiplc
  8. Vellum match animation make jittering

    Oh I found low Damping rate (~0.001) solve this. But sometimes simulation breaks down. It's a little absurd that the simulation is so unstable against the simplicity of setup, so I may overlook something.
  9. Vellum match animation make jittering

    Now I found this jittering doesn't appear when hair density is low(1~10). But hair width has no effect...
  10. Hi. I try mixing hair and rbd destruction, but vellum "match animation" makes bad jittering. Here one point of each hair segment set to "Pin points". Disable "match animation" solve this jittering so this moving is caused by that. Every stiffness value and substep can't remove this. "Attach to geometry" makes more bad result. Can anyone solve this problem? Cheers! hair.hiplc
  11. How detect unshared edges pair for PolyBridge?

    Thanks everyone! Noobini's ExtrudeVolume SOP and Hole SOP combination for unshared edge is nice, I can use anywhere. anim's method is incredible, this network can fix even four columns tube topology!
  12. How find "Cracked Edge" ?

    Wow! The node doesn't seem to work on curved surface, but it may be exactly answer for this problem. Perhaps treatment of "FlatEdges" on other DCC causes this incorrect topology, and this Labs may be addressing that inverse function. Thanks Noobini!
  13. Hi. I want to convert these surface geometries to solid geometry. PolyFill SOP cannot make surface with hole for this type topology, so now we have to use Polybridge SOP. They have two unshared edges facing each other, selecting edges manually, we can get natural solid geometry by PolyBridge SOP. But now I have to do this process procedural. Anyone have simple ideas? Input : like clipped torus Out Input : Rubber parts of Tire model often lost their inside surface Out GeometryOptimize.zip
  14. How find "Cracked Edge" ?

    Thank you everyone! Noobini's way of Manifold Number is new knowledge about me, but here "shared edge" is only "look like" (not topology), so I think that we should use Geometric algorithm (like distance). Skybar's way is nice, comparing point N and vertex N, and inserting point to polygon edge by Add SOP close polygon from sorted points by primuv (from xyzdist) is beautifull. I had same branched polyline problem like your tree polyline (in my case, it's branched thunder) and had found PolyPath SOP, but here polygon face orientation problem is solved. Only one thing,I think that Fuse SOP after all have possible of destroied entire connectivity or "Overlapping" topology (mentioned in PolyDoctor SOP) when geometry has "thin" shape, but it may be able to solve by using promoted source @ptnum. petz's VEX is great, it includes distance Geometric algorithm by primfind() so I think that it's nearest detecting "shared edge" by human brain. I try these method about more complex geometry. Cheers!
  15. How find "Cracked Edge" ?

    Hi vicvvsh, thanks for your reply. Detection of Unshared Edges can be used, but it cannot identify whether non-closed mesh. I want to fix these three type of bad mesh by another way for voronoi. I want to use Boolean SOP for this mesh. I want to use Poly Fill SOP for this mesh. I want to use Poly Extrude SOP for this mesh.