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  1. Particles do not move well

    Thank you for your comment. Before you answered, you could do a lot of things, but there was such a way. Thank you very much.
  2. Particles do not move well

    Hello. I'm making a blaster referring to the tutorial. But, it stopped at the first stage of moving particles. For some reason, the particles get stuck without moving. I tried to increase the velocity, but did not move. Could you tell me who will attach the file? Could you help me... blaster.hiplc cave_cache.bgeo.sc E 45 Aircraft_obj.obj
  3. What is assemble?

    I was setting up a building destruction. Voronoi was applied to each part, but the same result was not obtained even if it was done in the same way. What is the correct answer to get connected like the image? Can someone help me? Building_v02.mtl Building_v02.obj DestructionBuilding.hipnc
  4. viscosity problem

    It's amazing. The result was as expected. Thank you very much. I never thought it would change with one parameter. Let's example Flip solver again. I would like to send Mr.Atom the greatest thanks.
  5. viscosity problem

    Thank you very much for you comments. The mesh is created particles. It was improved if the number of polygons was increased from the time of the image, but there was another problem. That is, the mesh breaks along the way. I want to manage this and get connected. It may be dirty as data,but keep the hip file. If possible, please give me advice. I'm sorry if my English is difficult to communicate... Chocolate_cake_v03.hipnc cake.obj
  6. viscosity problem

    Please help me. I just started studying Houdini. I don't understand now. It's about viscosity. It is in the red frame of the image below. I created a mesh with flip, but it is not smooth. How can I make this part smooth without bumping it? (I using houdini17.5)