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  1. Redshift Proxy Workflow in Houdini

    Hi, has anyone tried this with VDBs? I’m getting a crash every time I try to export a VDB to .rs.
  2. Hi, I’m a little bit stumped by this (basic I think) question: I’m using a Sweep to create geometry from a curve. Using Carve, I’m animating the length of it. (Imagine a growing brush stroke) I’d also like to position a deformer at this leading edge to vary it as it grows. So I’ve used a wrangle with sampleuv to get position information along the curve at the leading edge as it animates. I’d like to use this to position the deformer. I’d also like to orient the deformer so that it aims down the curve. So two questions: Is there a way to animate the deformer A’s position with an attribute from a curve? And what sort of information would I need to sample from the curve in order to orient the deformer (and how would I apply this?) Many thanks for any ideas (or alternative suggestions) ! -Will
  3. Is This Suicide?

    I've been using Cinema 4D for about 5 years now. I've often looked wistfully at Houdini and wondered if I should ever dive in. Well now I'm starting a long project and I'm not sure Cinema 4D can do what I want so I'm considering whether to invest a few days trying it out in Houdini. Here's what I'm trying to do: I've got a table full of papers (polygonal planes - could be proceedural, doesn't matter.) I want them to fly up off the table and group together to form different target shapes. This is no problem in Cinema 4D's proceedural Mograph module, but I want to take this a few steps further. I'd like the papes to bend with the target shapes. So for instance if the target shape was a cylinder, the papers forming the outside ring would curve to match it, but not stretch. I'd also like to prevent the papers from colliding, but this may be alot to ask (and definitely requires particles, yes?) Could anyone give me their honest opinion of whether this is the sort of thing a new user could take on? Can this indeed be done in Houdini? I'd probably build all my geometry and do all my rendering and comping in apps I know well so it's really just the animation I'm trying to create. Thanks in advance for any advice, and if I don't join you all on this one, hopefully I will on the next. Will