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  1. More ICE Awesomeness

    Dude, you broke my parser!
  2. More ICE Awesomeness

    Well, if superstrings or quantum field theories don't help then just use another one - the theory of everything. Should help. By the way, even if your solver can process millions of particles represented as a plain data (it really can do it easily) you still have to feed those particles into Houdini land and even SOPs (in fact GDP) will be a big bottleneck.
  3. Linux

    Ask a nearest guru... P.S. Gentoo
  4. RenderMan-like dynamics engine ;)

    That's why I can't send you PM Brian. Your box is full of Naiad's volumes! LOL
  5. RenderMan-like dynamics engine ;)

    Do Nuke or Shake or... DF have OPs? I've heard from "non-Houdini" guys that Naiad is the first software that allows user to do "everything-to-everything" interactions. If they knew about DOPs... Anyway Naiad demo looks cool.
  6. accumulating or adding deforms over time?

    This is example of a simple feedback loop.
  7. Hi, this is my general 3d and VFX demo reel

    Hi Patar, For the first time I went there But that link didn't work. Next my attempt was to open http://vimeo.com/3652907 which asked me to register. Rapidshare isn't that good at all (imagine people from HR who are waiting N minutes just to downoad your _password_protected_archive_). And for multiple users sharing the same IP address this can be a problem as well. RAR archiver isn't a "standard" especially for UNIX users. And finally - passwords...
  8. Hi, this is my general 3d and VFX demo reel

    I'd suggest you share your data in the way which doesn't require to register on the website / install additional codecs / archivers. Otherwise...
  9. Takes and a real state of things...

    That's what we call here as "Auto Auto Take"
  10. Last days I was surprised / confused / (add whatever you want) by opinion some people have regarding to takes. They think takes are useless. Other people believe that takes have serious bugs. I was told that "nobody use takes" And so on. So I decided to make a poll just to check how frequently people use takes do they like this feature etc. Could you vote and write a couple of words what do you think? Cheers.
  11. Houdini for Cell platforms?

    Good point. But there is also _x86_-compatible platform which has to be energy efficient http://gizmodo.com/5091473/sgi-molecule-pa...-of-awesomeness
  12. Houdini for Cell platforms?

  13. Hi guys, So Houdini for Cell finally available... Sounds good. Do you know is it for these beasts? http://www-03.ibm.com/systems/bladecenter/...qs21/index.html Anyone have tried it? What benefits are? Does it use the full power of SPUs? Only in DOPs / POPs or everywhere? SESIans?
  14. Same for me. I bought L-Systems but after that don't look in their direction anymore. Btw any copy protection method is nothing than a pain in the _legal_user_'s ass. For example nothing can stop someone to use screen grabbers to grab tutorial.
  15. get vertex info

    Could you explain guys what GEO_AttributeHandleList is? Is it some sort of filter "which attribute to query, how to filter and so on"? Shall I and how to initialize it prior to call evaluateInteriorPoint()?