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  1. Hi guys! I have one question: how i can get system time from HScript? I want to get start time and end time of any animation and calculate average fps of system. I thought what backward quotes must work in Houdini like in Perl but it's not working (at least in the Windows)! (see below) set start_time = `system(time /T)`; Who can answer on question: how to get system time and assign it to variable? :-(
  2. Sometimes it seems to me that it's impossible. Sometimes it seems to me that it's very simple. Sometimes I think that I can do nothing. But sometimes I think, that I can do much. Truth as always is somewhere in the middle. I would like to understand, whether in business the main task is to create a good demoreel and to show it to the employer or a demoreel is only one piece of a mosaic.Whether it is enough to merely be able to do something well? I ask because of the reason that I was not lucky enough to be borne in the right place at the right time. I think that to the guys living in Los Angeles (or in any other city of USA/Canada)it is much easier to get a place in a studio than to guys from Europe (especially from East Europe).More recently SESI advertised a following way of development of the person, decided to borrow Houdini: studying Houdini Apprentice -> freelancing -> work in studio. Is such way real? Is it real to get a remote work? How much strongly the success depends on a capital that I have? (for reception of visas, purchase of tickets for a trip on interview and so on). How much well is required to know English? (such question can seem ridiculous to someone. Though studying of English perhaps the most simple thing from that list that it is required to make). Whether studios help with it? I think that this question interests not only me. And I know that many professionals have arrived in USA from other countries. So what an optimum way for reception of such work? Hope that's possible
  3. More ICE Awesomeness

    Dude, you broke my parser!
  4. More ICE Awesomeness

    Well, if superstrings or quantum field theories don't help then just use another one - the theory of everything. Should help. By the way, even if your solver can process millions of particles represented as a plain data (it really can do it easily) you still have to feed those particles into Houdini land and even SOPs (in fact GDP) will be a big bottleneck.
  5. Last days I was surprised / confused / (add whatever you want) by opinion some people have regarding to takes. They think takes are useless. Other people believe that takes have serious bugs. I was told that "nobody use takes" And so on. So I decided to make a poll just to check how frequently people use takes do they like this feature etc. Could you vote and write a couple of words what do you think? Cheers.
  6. Hi guys, I need a method that returns the number of points or vertices in primitive (precisely GEO_Primitive) and also a way to get a reference to any point / vertex in a prim. I'm stuck somewhere between those Doxy HDK pages trying to figure out this stuff Thanks.
  7. Linux

    Ask a nearest guru... P.S. Gentoo
  8. RenderMan-like dynamics engine ;)

    That's why I can't send you PM Brian. Your box is full of Naiad's volumes! LOL
  9. RenderMan-like dynamics engine ;)

    Do Nuke or Shake or... DF have OPs? I've heard from "non-Houdini" guys that Naiad is the first software that allows user to do "everything-to-everything" interactions. If they knew about DOPs... Anyway Naiad demo looks cool.
  10. accumulating or adding deforms over time?

    This is example of a simple feedback loop.
  11. Hi, this is my general 3d and VFX demo reel

    Hi Patar, For the first time I went there But that link didn't work. Next my attempt was to open http://vimeo.com/3652907 which asked me to register. Rapidshare isn't that good at all (imagine people from HR who are waiting N minutes just to downoad your _password_protected_archive_). And for multiple users sharing the same IP address this can be a problem as well. RAR archiver isn't a "standard" especially for UNIX users. And finally - passwords...
  12. Hi, this is my general 3d and VFX demo reel

    I'd suggest you share your data in the way which doesn't require to register on the website / install additional codecs / archivers. Otherwise...
  13. Takes and a real state of things...

    That's what we call here as "Auto Auto Take"
  14. Hi guys, So Houdini for Cell finally available... Sounds good. Do you know is it for these beasts? http://www-03.ibm.com/systems/bladecenter/...qs21/index.html Anyone have tried it? What benefits are? Does it use the full power of SPUs? Only in DOPs / POPs or everywhere? SESIans?
  15. Houdini for Cell platforms?

    Good point. But there is also _x86_-compatible platform which has to be energy efficient http://gizmodo.com/5091473/sgi-molecule-pa...-of-awesomeness
  16. Houdini for Cell platforms?

  17. Same for me. I bought L-Systems but after that don't look in their direction anymore. Btw any copy protection method is nothing than a pain in the _legal_user_'s ass. For example nothing can stop someone to use screen grabbers to grab tutorial.
  18. get vertex info

    Could you explain guys what GEO_AttributeHandleList is? Is it some sort of filter "which attribute to query, how to filter and so on"? Shall I and how to initialize it prior to call evaluateInteriorPoint()?
  19. I have to promote primitve class attributes into point one. Do we have any facility in HDK to do this? I see only void GEO_VertexAttribDict::promoteAttrib(const char * n, int s, GB_AttribType type) Promote an attribute to the vertex dictionary. Or shall I find out which polygons are sharing the point and just do the sampling / interpolation manually? Cheers.
  20. How to promote attributes optimally?

    If anyone is interested... findPrimsUsingPoint(pt, primlist, prefarr) operation is very expensive and not very useful in this particular case. But I have found a pretty fast solution: instead of baking an attribute as primitive attribute (in "for all polygons" pass) we can bake this attibute into each point of the polygon with addition (ptAttrib += val). Also we have to create a counter attribute (cntAttrib += 1). In second pass (i.e. "for all points") we just have to divide ptAttrib by cntAttrib and we are done. It's fast but if somebody knows "one line" or faster or more proper solution please tell about it.
  21. Thanks Drew! Looks like the best way is digging of someones code
  22. pcwrite

    Example from Houdini Help: surface dumpsomepoints(string fname = "points.$F4.pc"; int do_cull = 0; float keepamt = 0.05) { vector nn = normalize(frontface(N, I)); int rval=0; float A = area(P,"smooth",0); // area without smoothed derivs if( !do_cull || do_cull & (nrandom()<keepamt) ) { if( do_cull && keepamt > 0 ) { A = A/keepamt; } rval = pcwrite(fname, "interpolate", 1, "P", ptransform("space:camera","space:world", P), "N", ntransform("space:camera","space:world", normalize(N)), "area", A); // output an "area" channel in pc } Cf =abs(nn)*rval; }
  23. IES light shape

    Sweet candy, Mario, as usualy!!
  24. poing

    Check this example scene. csbyc.hipnc