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  1. Configuration Scripts - Network view

    Thanks for the video, exactly what I was looking for!
  2. Configuration Scripts - Network view

    It's Vimeo server completely down or I am having more problems again?? Weird...
  3. Hi there, I am a student and I am quite new with configuration scripting. Can anyone tell me how to configure Houdini initial and/or configuration scripts (maybe i am saying a stupid thing, is it called 123 right?) to place the typical help/aditional help of any node on the network diagram on a very simple and easy way?? I saw it on a tutorial a few weeks ago, unfortunately my iMac suffer a reparation and I lost my safary history. I think it was a tutorial about configuration scripts or initial configuration. BTW, I bet there are a lot of topics about these scripting files, any special like "if you are learning, start here"?? Just to do not bother the whole forum with "again" questions. Thanks a lot in advance!