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  1. wall destruction

    Hi, i have been trying to get wall destruction effect with concrete, wood and metaball. i am not sure about my constraints. i have glue constraint (to hold shape), soft (to bend wood) and hard (between wood and wall). i don't know what i am doing wrong but i can't get accurate effect what i want. Pllease correct me if i am wrong because i have never tried material based constraint. i just want to blow up middle of the wall by keeping some wood and concrete stick. wall_test.hipnc
  2. house collapsing

    thank you Andrea.
  3. house collapsing

  4. house collapsing

    i attached my hip file
  5. house collapsing

    i did it doesn't affect.
  6. house collapsing

    anyone help me please
  7. house collapsing

    i don't know how to connect constraints to inactive area. When i simulate active area, all glue bonds starts breaking even i have high strength. i couldn't figure out testtOd.hipnc
  8. house collapsing

    thanks but i just want to delete column constraint because i want some big pieces for box. it doesn't look accurate.Please can you take a look my setup. I am not sure it is correct. maybe i need some vex expressions test_2.hipnc
  9. house collapsing

    Thanks Joe for your reply. i have basic setup and i just want to break half of box like collapse. There are strong and weak glue cons. i want to start to break from column before half box collapsing test.hipnc
  10. house collapsing

    Hi, i have seen this kind of collapsing. i know steven knipping tutorials but he was using metaball force. Any one know how i can achieve this effect without metaball? https://www.sidefx.com/gallery/house-collapse-1/
  11. cluster constraint

    thanks guys little bit confusing but thanks for your help
  12. cluster constraint

    Hi guys, i have been trying to learn more deeply and gain more knowledge about constraints and clusters. Do you know how to achieve this kind of effect? If i want to break some red pieces when they hit to ground can i use constraint with this effect? anyone want to show with basic setup? Thanks.
  13. glue breaking with metaball

    thank you
  14. glue breaking with metaball

    Hi i have simple wall and i just want to break it with metaball but glue isn't breaking. i guess i should do something in sop solver but i couldn't figure out. Please could you help me? i have attached my hip file. thanks. metaball_test.hipnc
  15. color noise

    thanks vortren. this is what i want.