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  1. groups in dop

    Hi guys, if i want to use voronoi fracture configure on packed object, how can i bring my primitive group to dop?
  2. Normal Force in Dop

    Thanks a lot DonRomano
  3. Normal Force in Dop

    Hi i couldn't figure out how i use multiple geometry vop in dop. i have two objects which have different force direction from normals but i can't get both direction force. i need help please. normalForce.hipnc
  4. smoke trail

    Thanks Andrii
  5. smoke trail

    Hi, if i have already explosion, can i add smoke trail on it? (particle etc.) and how? i need some help please thanks.
  6. wall destruction

    thanks Victor i will try it
  7. wall destruction

    Hi, i have been trying to get wall destruction effect with concrete, wood and metaball. i am not sure about my constraints. i have glue constraint (to hold shape), soft (to bend wood) and hard (between wood and wall). i don't know what i am doing wrong but i can't get accurate effect what i want. Pllease correct me if i am wrong because i have never tried material based constraint. i just want to blow up middle of the wall by keeping some wood and concrete stick. wall_test.hipnc
  8. house collapsing

    thank you Andrea.
  9. house collapsing

    Hi, i have seen this kind of collapsing. i know steven knipping tutorials but he was using metaball force. Any one know how i can achieve this effect without metaball? https://www.sidefx.com/gallery/house-collapse-1/
  10. house collapsing

  11. house collapsing

    i attached my hip file
  12. house collapsing

    i did it doesn't affect.
  13. house collapsing

    anyone help me please
  14. house collapsing

    i don't know how to connect constraints to inactive area. When i simulate active area, all glue bonds starts breaking even i have high strength. i couldn't figure out testtOd.hipnc
  15. house collapsing

    thanks but i just want to delete column constraint because i want some big pieces for box. it doesn't look accurate.Please can you take a look my setup. I am not sure it is correct. maybe i need some vex expressions test_2.hipnc
  16. house collapsing

    Thanks Joe for your reply. i have basic setup and i just want to break half of box like collapse. There are strong and weak glue cons. i want to start to break from column before half box collapsing test.hipnc
  17. cluster constraint

    Hi guys, i have been trying to learn more deeply and gain more knowledge about constraints and clusters. Do you know how to achieve this kind of effect? If i want to break some red pieces when they hit to ground can i use constraint with this effect? anyone want to show with basic setup? Thanks.
  18. cluster constraint

    thanks guys little bit confusing but thanks for your help
  19. glue breaking with metaball

    thank you
  20. glue breaking with metaball

    Hi i have simple wall and i just want to break it with metaball but glue isn't breaking. i guess i should do something in sop solver but i couldn't figure out. Please could you help me? i have attached my hip file. thanks. metaball_test.hipnc
  21. color noise

    thanks vortren. this is what i want.
  22. color noise

    Hi, i have been trying to learn vop in houdini. i want to create black and red colours using turbulance noise in vop. Please could you help me? Thanks.
  23. between constraint

    hi guys, i have two walls and each one of them has separate glue constraint. i want to put one more constraint between these walls but o don't know how to do it. which one is better for between glue, cone or hard? i have metaball force but if i put constraint between walls, what should i do in sop geometry (dopnetwork). Could you please show me? i attached my hip file. between_con.hipnc