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  1. Peeling Effect/ Peeling Paint

    hi nisha. it seems too clothish to me. what abaout giving the surface white to red transition. how red the value is,more peeling on the surface maybe. to me already peeled parts should curle a little but it should stay away from turbulant behavior.another transition values depend on the color(or any other method) can be used to get points in different groups,so maybe you can tell your surface "ok do cloth stuff,you sir stay more rigid please." this is just an idea.as i have no experience on cloth stuff,so i don't know if it works .but why not.
  2. Houdini tutorial

    nice efford farid. thank you for your share.
  3. Nuke

    hey bernard. beleive me you'll love it.
  4. 3dbuzz Reloaded

    those bridge videos are pretty good actually. as "how to implement vex in our daily life" is my major interest at the moment, the video helped me lot. especially after the 7th video. solving a problem is the main issue in houdini and those videos have many clues in it. i guess i'll be happy "vex"ing soon. step by step we are getting there,no worries.
  5. Import From 3d Smax

    or,dunno if such a thing can be done in max,but why not. simply try to group the objects first in max(if it is possible) then export it. in houdini they all come seperatly.
  6. Import From 3d Smax

    you want separeted objects from one imported file right. my solution is 1. import your file 2. add a point sop if your normals are messed. add normals and simply put "-" infront of NX,NY,NZ 3.append a connectivity sop 4.append a partition sop. entity=primitives, Rule=anyname$CLASS. this will give you all the pieces that should be separeted as anyname0,anyname1.... and so on here you have seperated primitives 5. do whatever you want to do. for example append a transform sop. just check in the group section,and choose one from the list. so as to make it more houdinish,study copy,stamp stuff. and fasten your seat belt next time. hope you be good soon.
  7. Houdini 9 And Prman

    i don't have houdini master nor prman yet,so i can't check it out, as far as i know renderman for maya is turning any hypershade shaders into slo format. so does it mean that one can use maya cerated shaders in houdini via prman?
  8. SYmek thank you so much. yep it works. for those who are trying this for the first time. after the code press enter twice. here you have what houdini is doing in the backround. this is a great help thankyou.
  9. SYmek thankyou. but even for a single sphere, this piece of code bring me lots of things,i realy don't understand what it is talking abaout? i was expecting to see something human readable. but i don't know. this is the part of the thing after i enter your code in the python shell 'hou_node_stack = [hou.node("/obj/geo1").parent()]\n\n# Code for /obj/geo1\nhou_node = hou_node_stack[-1].node("geo1")\n hou_node.setSelectableInViewport(True)\nhou_node.showOrigin(False)\nhou_node.useXray(False)\nhou_node.setDisplayFlag(Tru e)\nhou_node.setSelected(True)\n\n# Code for /obj/geo1.stdswitcher\nhou_parm = hou_node.parm("stdswitcher1")\nhou_parm.s et(0)\nhou_parm.setAutoscope(False)\nhou_parm.lock(False)\n\n# Code for /obj/geo1.keeppos\nhou_parm = hou_node.parm("kee ppos")\nhou_parm.set(0)\nhou_parm.setAutoscope(False)\nhou_parm.lock(False)\n\n# Code for /obj/geo1.pre_xform\nhou_parm is this what should i expect?. is this something like echoing everything? if so any chance to reduce it and only bring the parts that we interested? or do i begin to be so stupid? thank you
  10. I3d Animation

    wow. love it. i want to ask the rendertimes too.
  11. Quality Houdini Art

    i am not a super houdini guy. not even a houdini moderate guy. what is art and what isn't is not my business. but people always tend to watch or see something hihgly visual. you give them a bullet proof visual, they immediatly ask "does it move?" and so on. in the early age of my adventure with cg my aunts wanted to see what i am capable of. as a big big mistake,i show them a piece with pride,i still remember the weird,dislike "what the f***" impression on their face. but ladies i just showed you a calculation. how fast you do things?, can you fool the eyes in dynamics? a cerature is not something from this world,your eyes may have been fooled with it. but if the case is dangerous effects animation,it is realy dangerous. your eyes catch any tiny bit of mistake in it. as long as you fool the eye this is the art. how can you fool the eye with the least cost formula? i think this is the question. i am not sure TD's are doing their magic on ready to go models. they probably do things on ugly dummies.and bring up with a node.and whatever you plug to it,behaves as you told it. what is this if this is not an art? cg is not only what we interested,it is a huge huge world. i never expect to see houdini made super creature(doesn't mean it can't). but when i see an fx shot,and as a result of their kindness,when they share their hips. my ass jumps to the ceil
  12. symek and 3dbeing thank you both. i am massaging with various sagas and what they all say in common is " why don't you just use houdini" and they are damn right. as soon as i finih things that i have to,i'll focus on houdini totaly. lack of diciplinies(shading,rendering,etc) on my side is making me think of mate two applications so far. and for pyhton; this is the universal,global thing right. learning pyhton in maya seems much easier i guess,because you can see what maya is doing instantly. do we have the same in houdini? lets say we create a sphere, can i see the code equivelant of this anywhere in houdini?
  13. Snow

    yep i like it. as soon as i make things in order,i'll invest all my energy to houdini. and those works are inspiring me.
  14. Fire

    thank you so much
  15. Fire

    hey miquel. is it possible to send the hip file?