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  1. Hi all I'm following the Project Titan Stacking Tool Tutorial which is on the sidefx site. Its about using Houdini Engine to create procedural environment tools in Unreal. In the first lesson the teacher sets up a Struct and a Data Table in Unreal, and then connects the editor to a Houdini session. In lesson two he has an Object Merge node already created within an HDA in Houdini, which he's using to pull in the values from the Datatable in Unreal. This is done via a string that he's entered into the "Object 1" field in the Object Merge node. Where would he have got this string from? He doesn't explain. Thanks, Robbie
  2. Hi All I'm trying to get some points, which I generated from a mesh using the scatter node, to move along a curve using a popnet with a popcurveforce node in it. A few seconds after I set the curve in the popcurveforce node, the editor crashes with this error; 29608: Fatal error: Segmentation fault. I'm assuming i've done something wrong. I re-installed NVidia studio drivers just in case, and its still doing it. Anyone know what the problem could be?
  3. Hi All I'm trying to use boolean detect ainsideb, on polygon spheres. ainsideb is in output Primitive groups, most of which is greyed out. There's a tick on A inside B in this list but the group doesn't appear in the geometry spreadsheet. The noise that I'm running on this group in the next node doesn't work. However, it does work on axbpolys and if I switch the boolean to Intersect or Subtract they work normally. Anyone know what the issue is or what I'm doing wrong? Thanks, Robbie
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