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  1. Need Help Creating the famous Stargate Kawhoosh

    Probably way too late but Kate Xagoraris made a tutorial on exactly this, I think..
  2. Pointgroup for Clip Sop Edge

    Oh shit. That sucks. I'll send you an email, you post so much on this odforce, it will take me forever to look through all of 2020.. I tried that once and I gave up after a while, haha.
  3. Pointgroup for Clip Sop Edge

    @Librarian What do mean when you say from Asia? You often mention that, but rarely provide a link.. Asia is big
  4. Differential curve growth

    I still don't understand how to create growth, that is limited to or mostly adheres to growing into two directions. Like variant #8 and #9 in the video "a unified approach to grown structures" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9HI8FerKr6Q Changing the frequencies and amplitudes of the volume noise, doesn't seem to achieve this result.
  5. I wanted to ask for advice on combining two setups. One is using spectrum chop to displace the points of a line along P.y independently. The other one is a RBD bullet sim. A POP Wind is moving the fractured pieces of a box away from their original position. Using a time shift the sim's progression can be offset along the z axis and the offset is controlled by a chramp. Now I want the data from the the spectrum sop to instead of displace the points along P.y fit the amplitude from 0 to 1 and remap (?) it to the frame range of the pre-calculated sim, currently frame 1 to 50. I sorted the the simulation points along the z axis and would like to use the audio spectrum to drive their time offset, instead of the P.y. Need to figure out the maximum amplitude of the spectrum chop and fit it to the last frame of the sim? Attached is the .hip containing both setups and an audio file (royalty free track used by the tutorial creator of: Houdini CHOP Talk 3 Audio Processing 1 - Audio Spectrum https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J754SLvE7BQ) The audio doesn't matter, I just wanted to provide anything.Downfall.wav The line's points are evenly spaced, but the bullet sim points obviously aren't, so I would like that to remain unchanged.. retimed_sim_1.mp4 retime_sim_with_chops.hiplc Downfall.wav
  6. I also turned up the amplitude of the popwind in theRBDbulletsolver, to make the pieces travel a larger distance.
  7. In my opinion it looks better with a lot of pieces. Something like 350 scatter points in the fracture, but no secondary fracture and especially no chipping. I love it, thank you very much.
  8. @Librarian someone posted a solution to my original post on OdForce, if you want to have a look.
  9. How can we control the shape of a chramp (created in a point wrangle) with a spectrum chop and therefore animate the shape? I already posted a question related to this, but maybe it was worded confusingly or seemed difficult..as no one answered. So I am asking generally, alternative solutions are welcome.
  10. Awesome! Thank you so much! This looks exactly like the what I wanted to achieve. <3
  11. @Librarian I am not good enough to use their advice in my setup. I don't know how to modify the Python code to use it in my setup. I tried it, but failed. I also don't understand how to feed the chopnet data into the setup.
  12. Oh! I didn't see that yet. That was my post indeed. Thank you!
  13. I would like to know, how to animate the chramp's shape (in the linked post), with the spectrum chop. Like how do I get the spectrum chop's value there?
  14. So, I installed the HMT toolset, it seems like I can create the HMT nodes without issues. But when opening your file, everything on the left in "do operation with standard point attributes" does not cook, because of errors. So the example on the left doesn't work for me. And the examples on the right seem to work well, but I am not good enough to understand it and combine it my setup, I'm afraid. I appreciate your help Tesan, but your setup is too advanced or confusing for me to combine with my setup, sorry. One day.. Is this VEX code in your post somewhere in the file? I couldn't find it.. Would you tell me where it is, or where you find it and what it does?
  15. Thank you! I wlil take a look at it!
  16. LYNX | Free VFX Tools

    Wow! Thank you so much! This is fantastic!
  17. Vellum cloth stitching over time

    Very late answer.. Entagma.com has a tutorial on stitching, but it is on their Patreon, so you'll have to spend money to see it..
  18. 2D Differential growth to 3D

    I am pretty sure that this is basically the same setup as in this forum thread. Scroll down.. They used text, but you could replace it with whatever you want..
  19. Hi, I am not sure how to explain this well, so apologies in advance. I have this basic cactus generator, there are clusters of thorns, at their base the thorns intersect with each other, which I currently don't mind, because I will solve or hide that later.. However I don't want the tips of the thorns to intersect with the tips of thorns from other clusters, as this is easily observed. Is there a way to place each thorn or cluster of thorns after the other and check if there are any intersections, after a new cluster has been placed and if yes rotate and maybe scale the intersecting thorn(s) until there are no more intersection? Like that cycle through all the clusters? I know my scene might not be set up well to do that.. Would that be expensive to calculate and/or difficult to implement? I attached the hip file, and an illustration to clarify what I mean: base_cactus.hiplc
  20. Space Colonization

    Oh hey, I didn't see your response until now. Thank you very much! I will look at the file.
  21. Mycelium growth

    this is awesome! again an awesome gift from Konstantin!
  22. Space Colonization

    awesome as always Konstantin. Could you explain how to shape / art-direct the way it colonizes the space? Branching behavior etc? Are space colonization algorithms suitable for that sort of thing? Cheers
  23. Organic shape

    @caskal awesome! thank you very much! <3 the download worked! damn ever since the presentation of Saito Akira I wanted to know how to this stuff! And later I saw your stuff, which was equally exciting Looking forward to try it out.