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  1. Houdini 20 Wishlist

    Bookmarks for the timeline! Saw something like that in Maya and think it could be a cool quality of life thing
  2. High Resolution Explosion

    not gonna pretend that I understand this technique but there were a few issues with syntax of parameters that probably changed throughout releases, so changed them and I think now it's working again here is the updated file volcano_001.hip edit: tried to wrap my head around it and copied the setup with the sparse solver: volcano.sparse.18.5.hip
  3. Variable Surface Tension

    I think the problem is that the groups and attributes you define for each bounding box carry over to the next frame. For example with your setup, once a particle was inside group1 it will always have the 'mygroup1=1' attribute from that point on even if it is not in the bounding box of group1 anymore. That means that the field used to scale the surface tension with is not limited to its bounding box. So once particles reach f.e. group3 their surface tension is still under the influence of the surface tension node from group1, since the according field hangs still around even after it leaves group1. (you can see this from your scalar visualisation nodes. They dont have the specified colors but their colors mix once they overlap with another colored field.) Made some minor changes to your hipfile. Pretty much only had to copy & your popgroup nodes into a sopsolver and delete the incoming 'mygroup1,2 and 3' attributes so they can be calculated from scratch and dont cary over to the next bounding box. SurfaceTension_recovered.hipnc
  4. Houdini 20 Wishlist

    - pyro sparse gpu support - karma XPU out of beta (or out of alpha) - some type of material point method like disney uses it for their snow stuff in frozen - viewport improvements - some type of new realtime engine for the viewport kinda like blender has it (it's called eevee I believe)
  5. Houdini - Dust Explosion

    Hey everyone! Finally finished my newest personal Houdini project and thought it was time to post it places! This was probably my most render time heavy project so far but happy with how it turned out