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  1. Hi Cant open your scene at work, but.... Create a Gas Particle to Field node in DOP:s You need some particles in your dop network that you load the v from to apply to vel. Set the method to Add, to start with, you might have to multiply you r particle velocity with the timestep v*1/24 If you have particles baked out bring them in using a SOP Geometry node and set update mode to Always If they are already in your dop network just reference Geometry as your particle source in the Gas Particle to Field node
  2. Try this inside a wrangle node vector min; vector max; getbbox(min,max); //Instead of $TX * ($TY / $YMAX// @P.x *= (@P.y / max.y); Good luck
  3. Hi I would timefreeze a frame or if you have a bindpose (T-Pose), use that as your OpInput2, and then plug the animated character into OpInput3 to get the current P so something like this int prim; vector primuv; // Find distance to nearest point of geometry from input 2 vector dist = xyzdist(@OpInput2, @P, prim, primuv, 1000000000000); //You look up prim number and uv on static pose vector adata = primuv(@OpInput3, "P", prim, primuv); // You fetch the P from the animated character vector diff = (@P - adata)*fit01(@leaf_splat_paint,3,1); // Subtract distance from original position vector product = diff * ch("splatMult"); // Add multiplier to SPLAT effect vector sum = product + adata; // Add the new point position to the product @P = sum; // Make sum new position Good luck
  4. Houdini 16 Wishlist

    This should work fine vector uv; int prim; float dist = xyzdist(1,@P,prim,uv); vector pos = primuv(1,"P",prim,uv); vector N = primuv(1,"N",prim,uv); vector closest = pos -@P; float dot = dot(normalize(closest),normalize(N)); if(dot >= 0){ removepoint(0,@ptnum); }
  5. Bring RBD objects to complete stand still

    Hi Try the rbdautofreeze DOP, it will freeze any simulation object under a specified threshold (velocity) Cheers
  6. Bullet and animated object

    Thanks for the tip. It is working much better now, using my method above, but with substeps on the dop net set to 4. And the Glue network is really solid and controllable, recommend it Cheers
  7. Bullet and animated object

    I have been looking at the latest Bullet video from sidefx, and tried all examples which has the Bullet Glue SOP node, works fine, and looked at Jeff W example of the crumbling ground, and I can recreate that. But, a big but, I need to use animated base geometry, think spaceship hitting a mountain side, the space ship will be driving into the mountain, just the pieces that are flying of the ship should be active and fall to the ground, ship continue on its course (use animation). When I do this using constraints, it works fine for 30% of the pieces, the rest goes crazy. So for the spaceship example, I constraint the backside of the spaceship that is going to be the last to hit the mountain. I am using a sop solver connected to the glue network constraint to delete parts of the glue network. Cheers
  8. Boolean type Attribute?

    A good idea is CHOPS, trigger CHOP is a good start Cheers Jens
  9. Flamethrower effects?

    The file is was talking about http://dl.dropbox.com/u/6721557/flamethrower.hip Good Luck Jens
  10. HI Downloaded and compiled it for linux 64 bit. But how do you read the pdc data from Maya. It write out files in a strange numbering order depending on the over sampling so for 24 frames with 25 oversamples it creates 250 260 270 etc uptil 5990. Ican import the file in Houdini but i nedd some script to `$F/10` so I get particles each frame, now it's every ten frame only Do you have a solution? /jens
  11. HOT1.0 for Ubuntu 64

    Hi Thanks for a great tool, it's up and running. Just want to share some things I had to do to make it work on Ubuntu 64 bit. Download fftw and blitz with synaptic. Just search and install Download the source for HOT Open the SOP_Ocean.C file change the following ourFlags.timeDep = 1; with flags().timeDep = 1; save and close Open the compile.sh file inside SOP_Ocean remove $DRWLIBS on the lines wich have it included #! /bin/sh -f hcustom -i . -I ../../include \ -I $DRWLIBS/include \ <---remove $DRWLIBS -L $DRWLIBS/lib \ <---remove $DRWLIBS -l blitz \ -l fftw3f \ SOP_Ocean.C close and save. run ./compile.sh It should work To compile the VEX_Ocean just go into the folder and open compile and remove the same things as in the compile.sh inside SOP_Ocean. Hope this helps. Maybe we should update the wiki with some new info /Jens
  12. HOT1.0 for Ubuntu 64

    Solved some of the problems but still getting these jensm@blue:~/Desktop/HOT/src/SOP_Ocean$ ./compile.sh Install directory = '.' Linking with 'libblitz' Linking with 'libfftw3f' Making SOP_Ocean.o and ./SOP_Ocean.so from SOP_Ocean.C SOP_Ocean.C: In member function
  13. HOT1.0 for Ubuntu 64

    This is the problem I'm getting when i try to compile HOT for ubuntu 8.04 64 bit Any solutions jensm@blue:~/Desktop/HOT_src_1.0rc2/src/SOP_Ocean$ ./compile.sh Install directory = '.' Linking with 'libblitz' Linking with 'libfftw3f' Making SOP_Ocean.o and ./SOP_Ocean.so from SOP_Ocean.C SOP_Ocean.C: In member function
  14. Does anybody have any furtool bridge between houdini and renderman? Now we are doing archive with delayed read during render, and that takes time and space, each archive rib is around 1 gb. If somebody have som kind of solution that is faster, like a DSO or help program for renderman I would be glad to discuss some kind of arrangement. Thanks for a great community Jens Martensson