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  1. Random vellum pressure

    Thank you @Atom I'll try to build that with a grid texture map and some fall off/mask. I saw you started from the file created on the other post of Samvac
  2. Random vellum pressure

    Hey ! I am trying to learn how to achive this kind of effect ! Do you have any idea / tips how to achieve something similar with vellum pressure controlled by an attribute that "inflate and then deflate" with this kind of random poping effect a grid shape like this one ? Credits : https://crea.st/Balloon-2019 Thanks in advance !

    Oh thank you so much !!! This is working like a charm with the rocks and other collider objects

    Hey ! yeah sure ! here is the file ! The mesh is not exactly the same as the GIF in my previous post because in the GIF it was a fbx file however the reaction is pretty similar with not a strong inflated effect. It would be awesome to get some balloon/cloth like inflation. HUUUUGE thanks in advance INFLATE_ROCK.hiplc

    Hey guys I used exactly the same technics you developped here to inflate some objects on a scene. Do you know what can I tweak to increase the "inflate" effect ? Like in the GIF attached the object seam to inflate on the very first frame but then the inflation isn't sufficient to blow in all the object and have that cool "blobby" result. It would be awesome if at least the inflated black area shape would be way more like a fully inflated balloon. How can I do that ? Thanks in advance !!