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  1. HDA parameter in Maya

    Issue is gone, the parameter was not saved correctly.
  2. Hi, how can I promote the HDA parameters to Maya. The parameters are all visible but in Maya those parameters are not visible.
  3. Hi, I want to make an HDA that can import several file, but this should be dynamic. So I can import one o thousends of files if I want. How can I achive this? Thanks, D.
  4. RBD Material Fracture on clipped geo

    Hi, thank you. I made an other project and it works. I don't know what a problem it was with the old project.
  5. Hi, I crated a sphere and modified it by mountain then I used the clip SOP. After that I used the polypill SOP then I wanted to fracture the result via RBD Material Fracture but I got no error or warning also the clipped spere are not fractured. What is the reason for? THX
  6. RBD constraints from rules

    I think I got it. in the constraints from rules I put the geo group not the constraints.
  7. RBD constraints from rules

    Hi, thank you, but how can this happen or other question how to debug and fix the centroid problem? I did not have something like this.
  8. RBD constraints from rules

    Hi, I simplified this project to the problem, but it is still over 300MB big. So I let the link here for download. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qw391L4bEVqrq3Zqvjd7KIireGIkL6Tq/view?usp=sharing
  9. Hi, I made some RBDs some are broken via RBD Material fracture and some I broke with boolean fracture. All have constraints and it looks good (picture a), but when I use a RBD constraints from Rules node the constraints looks crazy (picture b). So the animation looks like the parts are not really free and the broken parts are not flying away but hangs around the area as they would be bound to something. I think it is the matter of constraints. Can anybody give me a hint how to solve this problem? Thanks a lot! D.
  10. Renderman material

    Hi, thank you! I give here the Hip and Hda there are TEX files about 500 MB so I do not put this here. Should it be important for this test I will put the files to an online drive. Best, D. HIP_HDA_GEO.zip
  11. Hi, what could be the problem - also when I render a scene without materials the IT goes on and boom the rendering begins immediately but as soon I put materials to the geo the IT opens up and my computer runs on all cores full speed and the memory is going off. I I have deleted all the ris etc and build it from begin but no changes there. Best, D.
  12. Houdini to Maya RBD Fracture

    Hi, I have the solution now. The problem was the normals. I had the same problem inside Houdini with Renderman. In Mantra iwas pretty fine but in Maya and also in Houdini with Renderman the issue come up. Also I put after the fracture and UV layout the Norman node and it dispose this problem. (@Sepu your tough :)) Thank you all for assistance! Best, Dag
  13. Houdini to Maya RBD Fracture

    Hi, thank you! It seam to be a Maya thing :/ But for last, could you send me your settings, maybe the hip file? It would be great to compare with what I have. Best, Dag DGFA_rbd_test.hiplc
  14. Houdini to Maya RBD Fracture

    thank you!
  15. Houdini to Maya RBD Fracture

    Hi, would you try it with my file? It would be great! Here the link http://gofile.me/6FUgO/uygbPbiok (69,6 MB) Thank you in advantage!