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  1. Final Export Error

    Nice to meet you Ben! That's interesting. I love AE and Premiere but what would you suggest I export to open them properly in either? Right now I'm going through all of Peter Quint's tutorials and I'd like to start outputting some rendered files. Thanks a ton Russ
  2. Final Export Error

    Hey all, First post here, literally my first mp4 render. I'm have it finished and rendered in MPlay. But when I try to export I hit this error. I'm running an Apprentice 17.5 My best guess is that it's angry because the licenses is on the D drive and I'm saving to the C but I don't think where I save it should matter. Any help is appreciated
  3. I'm totally new at this and using the Apprentice version. 17.5.173 I'm trying to render my first animation and I have it finished in MPlay. I hit a snag at exporting. I set the folder to the project folder I created on the desktop. It says exporting movie and as soon as it finishes this error comes up. My best guess is that the file has to be rendered out to the same folder the licenses is downloaded for. Running it as administrator didn't work for me.